SOBEKK 'The Flying Star', Guru On A SkyBoard!

SOBEKK is an old man who is still enjoying life with his SkyBoard. He travels to a lot of ereas and realms to be there for people who needs his help or advice.
His yellow colors give him a nice shine in the sky, some people call him ‘The Flying Star’ because of that.

Enjoy the pics and have a great day!

(The Board has an nice handle to get it playible, it’s actually fun to swoosh around!)

let me know what you think about SOBEKK in the comments below or with a simple like!!!


That is a delicious amount of yellow. Love the inclusion of the Roborider head. It gives him an older look.


Vehicle looks sick.
The old dude looks sweet as well.

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Was expecting a Solek (So :b: ek?) meme and found this awesomeness instead. Best surprise I’ve had in a while. Thanks for brightening my day!


@ProtoKongu you’re welcome! XD

The build is rather thin (although boards are supposed to be like that) and vaguely resemble the Ignika skyboard.

The Metru armor on the middle sticks out from the side view and the back is decent I suppose-

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This is a neat little moc, great work!

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