Sokodas weekly builds

Hello and welcome to my weekly builds topic!

For quite a while now I had the plan to upload a smaller scale digital MOC on my Twitter every week. Now that 2019 has started, I decided to just try it and see how far I get with this idea.
The plan is to upload a render smaller build every Sunday, by small I mean below 500 pieces, but if a model ends up bigger I might still use it.

In this topic I want to collect all the images of my little builds as well as some links to the LDD files, so everyone can look at them from different angles and generate the instructions if he or she wants to.
Google Drive folder with all LDD files can be found here

I’ll triy to make the models very different, some might be Ninjago builds, others Bionicle, Star Wars or not based on anything at all.

Oh yeah and I’ll start all my new builds wit [SWB X], which stands for “Sokodas weekly build” and the number X of the build.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

[SWB 1]: Exo Wall-Walker:

LDD-file: [SWB 1] Exo Wall-Walker


Oh gosh I love this so much. Can’t wait for what comes next!

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Thanks for your comment, really happy you like it, I have a lot planned for my weekly builds, so I hope it will all work out.


you’ve caught my attention.

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[SWB 2]: Keelerak:

LDD-file: [SWB 2] Keelerak


Yet again, another great build!

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Dang this is so great. the legs are spot on.

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Thanks, the legs are what I built first

I never though system can make such an accurate Bionicle set! Coincidence, Keelerak is the only visorak I have.

This steals the life out of me.


In the case that someone wants ro build a Visorak like this, I made a different colored version, that’s only made of bricks in available colors: [SWB 2.1] Visorak availagle colors


[SWB 3]: Min-Droid Mech Dragon:

LDD-file: [SWB 3] Min-Droid Mech Dragon


Aaaaah…so cute…

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Oh my word that is amazing. the sings are great!

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That’s amazing!

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These are absolutely outstanding.
I can’t say anything bad about them!
Keelorak is my favorite, followed d by visorak.

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Thank you guys for the nice comments, I’m really having fun with this project, And I hope you’ll like my next builds


[SWB 4]: Lost on Baltomoro

LDD-file: [SWB 4] Lost on Baltomoro


[SWB 5]: Imperial C-series war droid



LDD-file: [SWB 5] Imperial C-series war droid