Solek, Avatar of Hope

*Toa Solek,

Finally embracing the mantle of a true Toa of Light.

Champion of Mata Nui in the face of a world on the brink.

Wielding his Light to keep the forces of Shadow at bay.

Hardened by years of conflict, but still holding on to his beliefs.

A splitting double bladestaff allows him to keep his combat style varied.

Shining his Hope upon all who need…

…as he stands against the mightiest of Shadows.

Solek, the Avatar of Hope

The world teeters on the edge. The war for the Matoran Universe has consumed much, as Teridax, Velika, and Mata Nui all vie for the right to determine the fate of the world. Amidst this chaos, standing tall as a beacon of hope for all the free peoples is Toa Solek. Transformed and augmented by Energized Protodermis, he has become the champion for all who oppose both Teridax’s rampant destruction and Velika’s gambit for world domination, with his enhanced power now allows him to fight on near-equal footing with the Makuta serving under both. His enlarged stature also reflects the increased burden he must bear as the very embodiment of Hope itself for all the people’s of the MU that yearn to be free– a burden Solek meets with firm resolve.
If ever there was one fit to carry the Destiny of the whole world… perhaps it is Solek.

Once so full of doubt, Solek has grown even beyond being the epitome of a Toa. His compassion shines even brighter than his Light, and his determination to bring about freedom from tyranny and destruction drives him ever onward as the champion for Mata Nui’s new vision of a brighter future. Solek has accepted and embraced his role as a source of inspiration and hope for peoples all across the universe, recognizing the necessity of it in the dire circumstances that face his world. And through it all… Solek holds on to the hope that he will be able to rescue Takanuva from being the interim Great Spirit, and bring his beloved best friend back into a brighter, better world.

Solek’s mastery over Light has been augmented by his transformation, allowing for truly astonishing feats of elemental prowess. His ability to utilize the powerful Kanohi Speros, the Great Mask of Hope, has also been greatly enhanced, with Solek now able to share both its indelible hope and power-augmenting attributes with an entire army in the most dire of circumstances. Solek utilizes a double-sided bladestaff, able to be wielded as one weapon or two.

Instagram and Reddit have already seen it… but I figured I’d let Solek shine on here, too, as I am quite proud of this build.
This is the ultimate state of Toa Solek, by the end of the story I’m envisioning, with Solek pitted against the forces of both Teridax and Velika to fight for the incarnate Mata Nui’s desire for a free world.
(The little logo in the corner of the first picture is from the Solekverse collab that this build was posted during, where I had a bunch of my fellow instagram builders utilizing the all new Mask of Hope to create their own takes on the iconic boyo of light.)


This is a really great build with a lot of detail. I like his sloped shoulders, especially, and think you did a nice job balancing the colors throughout.


Everything about the shaping is very nice, except for how rounded his armpits are. Which is a sentence I never thought I’d say as long as I lived, but they really are too round, especially in comparison to his thin technic shoulders.

I’m also curious what the custom mask is about, since it holds almost an identical footprint to the original, with nearly identical proportions and details.


:laughing: Noted!

As for the mask… it came about because I wanted my own version of my favorite mask, especially since I’m giving it a unique power. In my own small way, it’s a way of making my version of Solek uniquely and undeniably my own.
While it is instantly recognizable as the Solek Mask (very much by design) there are a number of subtle but noticeable differences between it and the original piece that set it apart. My version is shorter front to back. The side profile is more curved, and less of a giant diagonal slant. On the front, the size of the detailing is altered, the mask itself is a little bit wider, and the bottom is flattened out a bit compared to the original part.
I posted about the mask here, if you want to learn more about it: