Solitary Time

made this using apophysis 3D hack from scratch. really love how it turned out.

tell me what you think below.
(also, sorry it’s low rez the image was too big)


That is incredibly cool.

I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to be, but it’s still incredibly cool.


This is strangely mesmerizing…

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A very dazzling and well executed design.

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It looks weird, but cool at the same time. Great job

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Has a unique look to it. I like it.

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thanks guys! the image took about an hour to render, and has 5 transformations.
the animation it makes turns the “clock” around, with the little ticks and the 2 loops revolving around the hemisphere in the middle. I would render the animation, but that would take about a day and a half to do.
again, thanks for the comments!