Some Bara Magna Characters 5 (Core War Glatorians, Trainee Glatorian, unlucky ice tribe Agori)

Here is my interpretation/recreation of some Bara Magna characters that didn’t received any official set or artwork.

Niveus, Core War Ice Tribe Glatorian

This Glatorian can be seen in the background of one picture in the comic “All our sins remembered” fighting against the fire tribe.

Plus a turnaround

Cineris, Core War Fire Tribe Glatorian

This Glatorian can also be seen in the background of one picture in the comic “All our sins remembered” alongside other Glatorian of the Fire tribe.

Plus a turnaround
Unknown Fire Glatorian

Nobara, Rookie Glatorian of Tesara

This Glatorian can barely be seen in the comics “The Exile’s Tale” after Malum smashed him in the Arena.

Plus a turnaround
Tesara Rookie Glatorian

Kimyo, the unlucky Ice Tribe Agori

A strange Agori that can be seen in the comics “All our sins remembered”. He was the first victim of the effect of the energized protodermis.

Plus a turnaround

Link to files

Niveus, Core War Glatorian of Ice Tribe - Google Drive
Cineris, Core War Fire tribe Glatorian - Google Drive
Nobara, Rookie Glatorian of Tesara - Google Drive
Kimyo - Google Drive

Custom parts links

Core War Ice Glatorian Helmet #1 by Rothanak - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Orde's Mace by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Kyry's Helmet (comic version) by Rothanak - Thingiverse
Bionicle Voulge by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Bionicle Lein's Helmet by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Bionicle Hook Sword (Updated) by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Ice Agori Helmet 1 by Rothanak - Thingiverse

My pack: Scmdex Pack - Google Drive


Considering some glatorian and agori name (Malum, Perditus, Metus, Vastus, Fero) are based on some latin word, I used some to name the core War Glatorian.

-Niveus means snow in Latin
-Cineris is the dative declension of cinis, a word that means ashes in latin

For the others characters presented here, I used japanese words.
-Nobara means bramble in japanese
-Kimyo means curious in japanese

Comics links:

“All Our Sins Remembered” | Wall of History
“The Exile’s Tale” | Wall of History

I hope you will appreciate these models. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the models are welcome.


Nice! It’s neat seeing people make models of the background characters from 2009.


You always do such charming builds SC. I could really see these as actual released sets.


I like your mocs @Scmd1999, but can you please stick to using default colours for the io files? I open one with a lot of transparent or double coloured pieces (like the Crystal Serpent and Element Lords especially) and they all show up black, because I don’t have any custom colour packs installed (and I don’t intend to download any of them). You can use custom colours for the renders, but not for shareable files.


Ok, I take note of that. I’ll modify all files to have default colors.


Excellent, thank you.


It’s done. If I have forgotten one, don’t hesitate to indicate it to me.


You are so kind and helpful :slight_smile:


Love them hook swords!


Ah these mocs are cool. Nice job recreating 'em

I like the weapons, you’re definitely a part designer and it shines through here