Some Bionicle and (somewhat) related artwork I drew during class

I will periodically add to this topic, but to start, here is a Skull slicer that I drew.

As you can hopefully see, this is a drawing I made of skull slicer after a test. Well, I guess you wouldn’t be able to tell the fact that I drew it after a test, but still.
Also, please excuse the potential inaccuracies, since I drew all of these without the sets in front of me.

Some attempts to draw in the animation style. The things at his sides are a vine mace and a branch spear, respectively.

On this one, yes, I did basically steal Strak’s head design, mostly because I couldn’t think of a better way to convey the element of ice on his head. Also, the things on the left are supposed to be kind of like ice boxing gloves or something, not snow balls.
This next one is actually going to come up again and again pretty often, in updated forms. The collection is exactly what it looks like, a bunch of random masks. Most of them are original, with the notable exceptions of the Kaukau Akaku combo type thing, and the 2015 style reimaginings of the masks of light and shadow.

Today I’m posting two pictures, since nether of them are that good. I hope you like them anyway.

First up, we have LoSS. This one actually has some story to it- you see, after the Toa defeated him in the animations, I thought it was a bit anticlimactic. So this is him after he climbed back up the bridge, which is now broken. sorry it’s not up to my usual standards, but I’m just better with bipedal creatures.
Don’t worry, the next one is a little better.

Yes it is a Bohrok cleaning the floor. No fancy backstory for this one. Just a Bohrok janitor.
Here is the promised much better drawing.

I actually think that this Skull Basher might be the best thing I’ve drawn during school (excluding things done in actual art class). The shadowy figure attacking Basher is Onua. Also, there are three mask constellations hidden among the stars! If you can find them all, you can win something! Of course, I have no clue what I could actually give as a prize, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
And here is where we get to the somewhat related art. I call it Cyber-Sharks

Even though it dose not in any way even tangentialy related to Bionicle, they are half biological and half mechanical, and they were drawn during school. The characters depicted hear are Greater- White, and War- Head. I’m guessing you can figure out who’s who. The Spinny mace thing is War- Heads weapon, the Triple Headed Whirling War Hammer Of Doom. If ever given the opportunity and or resources, I would turn these characters into a wildly successful action figure line.

Sorry for the rather long hiatis. To make up for that, hear is a few of my better pieces artwork from last year

This is a drawing of 2015 Pohatu based on the art by Vezok’s Friend on BZP that I made last year during art class as a ruff draft. I also made a full sized (3x1.5ish feet) version, but I’m not sure if that will ever be up on this topic though, because it’s in storage.

Personally, I think this turned out quite good. I call it the Exictionator. It isn’t really based on anything, nor is it in any way shape or form related to Bionicle, but it’s still pretty cool.
Here is a Krata.

'Nuf said.
Anywho, more on the way soon.


Wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a 100% on your test :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks Noice.

Nice Skull Slicer, looks like the real thing. Better artwork then I could ever do. Good job!

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And yes, I did ace the test.I think. Hm, now I don’t remember.

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Hello Mr. Darkbrick, please give this topic a read :slight_smile:

Nice Job on them.

huh? a “new” job

Sorry I mean Nice Job on them!

Ahh… That makes more sense. Thanks.

I see a Skull with a huge jaw and horns…

Is it Meso?

Slicer’s mask looks pretty awesome. :smile:

Yeah, I was trying to come up with a better Kulta mask, since him and warrior share the same one. I also made a better insectoid skull mask for Scorpio, which may come up some day, I don’t know.

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