Some ChaoticTempleKnight TTV fanart

So I been looking at some art in the artwork section and got the idea for some TTV fan art. Now originally I had three drawings planned for posting, but I messed up on one of them and I don’t feel like re-drawing it at the moment. And yes, I will mention usernames. I want the podcast members I drew to see what I made.

Also I will include a link to the drawings on my DA page just in case you want to view them on DeviantART.

  1. Mesonak, Lord of Skulls

DA link:

This one features @Mesonak

When you bring skulls into the equation, my mind conjures up the bad### thing I can think of. Plus I was listening to the DooM OST (the video game OST) while I was working on this.

  1. ElJay Pony

DA link:

This one features: @Eljay (kind of obvious)

You’re reading the descriptions on DeviantART, right? And yes, I just realized the name of my picture is the same as a topic here on the message boards. I appologize for that.

Anyways, I wanted to poke some fun at the whole turn ElJay into a pony thing. So due to my inexperience as an Alicorn, I accidentally turned ElJay into a pony. Why am I smiling? Because I am excited to be in ElJay’s presence.Obviously.

In regards to the third piece of artwork, I’m not going to post it here yet. It’s involves Ven wearing the Venom symbiote costume, but I didn’t draw the symbiote costume right. And like I said: I don’t feel like re-drawing it at the moment. These pictures took a lot out of me.

And yes, I will be doing more TTV fan art in the future.


I have seen Eljay’s face and it is GLORIOUS. Please draw more Mr. (or is it Mrs?) Illumakuta.


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In this artwork of course it’s wondrous.

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That fanart is legit, but my color scheme perplexes me. #BlackWhiteGold4lyfe

Great work yo



I would of gone with your self moc’s color scheme, but my gut feeling told me to go with orange, red, and dark grey. I was in different mindset when I was coloring the picture.

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