Some concepts sketches for an RPG I was making a while ago

A while ago I was making an RPG by myself. I actually got pretty far in it's development, and it might of actually been done by this point if an event hadn't of happened. A blackout happened, and when the power came back on, It was gone, All of it.

Well after this I lost all my motivation, and kind of just stopped Programming, 3D modeling, And a few other things till about a week ago.

Well any way I was looking through my old sketch books and found some old concepts drawings a made for it. So I decided to redraw them for some reason.

So here are a few concepts creatures I designed for the failed game.

Anyway let me know what you guys think of them.


And you could still make it

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Oh I plan on starting the project up again soon. I just need to relearn everything, not doing anything for about two years really make you forget. Also this time I'm not doing it by myself.

looks pretty cool, but there's a big difference between concept art and a game

I know from experience..

But if you follow through, it could be pretty amazing :smile:

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Oh believe me I know. There would be way more things in this topic if I could find the other things. But like I said in the post, all the programs, all the 3D models, all the sound effects, and everything else i had made for the game, got deleted or something when the power went out in my neighborhood. I'm still not sure what happened there, I do know one thing it's all gone now.
[insert insane laugh here]

I do hope to follow through with it, one day.

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Neat drawings, man. I particularly like the wolf-lizard-thing.


Thanks but which drawing are you talking about, drawing 1 or drawing 3.

Number 1.

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It's actually a cross between a horse and a dragon. It doesn't really show much of the horse, but I feel the dragon really shows.

I think I wanna join a D&D club.


As someone who's been playing D&D for about a year and a half, I'd highly encourage that.

I love D&D but I can never find someone to play it with. I feel childish now.

I would join one if I didn't have to talk to people face to face.

Then I face a new challenge I don't have a mic or the money to get a good mic.

That's why Roll20 exists. Can take a while to find the right group, but not needing to all be in the same place really helps when it comes to keeping the campaign going for a long time.

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I really like the dragons. Neat drawings

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@Leoxandar is that a good thing?

I like the dragon horn.

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Thank you, I was trying to do something different with it's horn, glad you like how they turned out.
Also that technically isn't a dragon, in the original concept It was dragon like creature called a Dagara.

Really. It reminded me of a creature known as the Phaya Naga:


I have never seen that before, I will have to look into to this. If I can make my job easier I will.

Go for it man. There are a lot of statues of it.

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