Some Cool People (Matoran Maker)

So, for those who don't know, there's this guy on BZP who I don't remember, and he made this thing. It was called Matoran Maker, and it let you do what you prolly figured it let you do. Make Matoran.

In MNOG 1 style, to be specific.

And I've taken the liberty of making some of the people I think cool, using this wondrous thing. Oh, and I made myself too. But no one cares.


I guess I'm not cool.


Good, now make a comic/ skit with them!

Bro, I dunno what your Matoran representation would look like even.

I know. Speaking of which, I'm downloading this thing now so I can show you! Ha ha.

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Aight, I'll be happy to add you, and anyone else who follows suit into an extended, likely differently framed version of this image. ^^

I is non-existent.

Not that I mind. I'm still new when it comes to constant activity.

I make no claim that I have everyone cool on this list. ^^;

But yeah, like I said above, happy to add you or anyone else who want to be added to this in a new version, a, uh.. MKII if you will.


Here is basically what my matoran self would look like. I don't have the proper parts to do a self moc, so this will have to do as my image on the forums for a while.

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I'm gonna preface this by saying that I'm prolly about to sound like a tool.

But uh, y'know how in MNOG, all Matoran/Tohunga have the same color arms and body?

There was a reason for this. It was to ensure that they looked clean, as having different colors there makes the whole thing look kinda messy/cluttered.

I highly recommend doing something akin to that.

I don't mean to sound like a douche, I just think that it'd look better, were you to follow this advice. >.<


I'll be honest, I didn't know that. I haven't played MNOG in...7 years or so. I'll go in and fix up the colors tomorrow.


Oh. Okay.

Sits in corner

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Am I seriously gonna like...have to repeat myself like...every time a new post is made..

I like to think I've made myself abundantly clear.


Yeah guys, come on, give ngram a break. Just because I'm not in there doesn't mean... I can... Just... Just... (Sobs in corner)

No, but seriously. I wanna jump in on this action.


This is my name now.

Not sure how I feel about this.


So sorry, I was on my phone... (whispers) ngram

Also, I have jumped in on this action.


This is pretty awesome. Who is that dashingly handsome man with the golden Pakari?

Just gonna drop this off right here.

This is me.


I have never seen that mask in my entire life.