Some drawings of my D&D character

So, I’m part of a D&D campaign with my siblings, and in that campaign I play a Teifling Monk by the name of Xa’Na’Geth. One of the things I put into his description is that he is covered in tattoos, so here are some pictures I drew of him to get an idea of what they look like:

It should be noted that his right arm is not completely tattooed black, here is a more detailed picture of it:

Also, here is the image of the design created by the negative space on his right arm:

Another thing about my character is that he punches people to death, and as such his main weapon is a pair of fisticuffs that are a custom item that I am constantly upgrading with my tinkering skill. Here’s a couple of pictures of what they kinda look like:

Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I’m stuck using my phone camera…


Awesome. He’s got a real Darth Maul vibe going. Might I suggest using a red marker(doesn’t have thick ink) then use a colored pencil for shading. Also a sharpie or something similar for the black. Lastly try to define some muscle structure. That might give him a more strong/toned look. Anyway fantastic work, I livet He different angles and such. :smile:


Yep, NO inspiration was taken there… /s

Thanks for the suggestion, I mostly work in colored pencil because I can erase it when I inevitably make a mistake. Also, these were drawn while I was in class, so I didn’t have a lot to work with…

I wish I could do that! I’m just not that good at drawing…

I did a quick sketch in my own style. Before I go any further I just wanted to check with you to see if I could.

Please do! I’d be honored.

The only clarification I would like to give (because I’m not sure how well it can be seen in the pictures) is that he has the phases of the moon around his neck, with the new moon positioned right above his sternum and the full moon on his back.

Quite good.

Does he have a weapon?

He actually has a pair of short-swords, but I never use them. I literally do more damage by punching…

That’s why I has the Fisticuffs.

I legitimately thought this said DeviantArt character and almost ignored it.

As to the drawing, it’s quite good. Nothing much to say about it.

All done. Thanks :smile:

I’m basically done. I would have liked a better result, but I couldn’t find a few of the right materials.

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That’s amazing! I wish I could draw that well.

Thanks. I suck at drawing hands and feet. I’ve been in a drawing and moving slump and joining the tt board has really boost my creativity lately. I just enjoy getting to do something.

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I think just about everyone on plaet Earth is bad at hands and feet. Anyone who can draw them is an ailen invader, and anyone who tells you different is one of their ailen mind slaves.

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I really like the Darth Mual-ish design.

Thanks, it took a while to work out his tattoos so they were reminiscent of Darth Maul, while still completely different.

This is pretty neat. His method of fighting is similar to my own DnD character, where all he does is levitate and punch things repeatedly :smile:

The penciled parts are great, but the coloring needs a lot of work. (I suck at coloring too, so I guess that’s easier said than done)