Some Halloween MOCs


Halloween is here, and for the past couple weeks I have been taking advantage of my surplus of orange parts.

First up, a humanoid female for my upcoming world:

Back view. Yes, that is a ponytail.

Next up: Big-fist thing, a Nightmare monster:

Okay, so it's a sub-par MOC with a big fist. Whatever.

Finally, my favorite. A species that is geniuses, but their faces can cause nightmares or even insanity, so they keep them hidden:

What can I say, I had an excess of Rahkshi spines.



Simple, but nice!

*thoroughly spooked
*2 scared 2 give owt can-d
*no canda anyway

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Nice mocs!

For a moment the big fisted thing reminded me of that 'black fantasy' trend thing

Clever head on the big fist one- it looks really good!