Some LDD mocs

Hello there!
So here I have 6 LDD mocs that I made. I made them for some sort of LDD series, but I not quite sure if I will do it. Maybe just a prototype. Whatever, here they are:

Here is Raer, @Kikoa 's self-moc. Because LDD don’t have some new part, I remade him. I like the color scheme, but I don’t like that I couldn’t put the gearbox a little bit lower.

I think you know this guy.

This little guy is a self-moc for Toxic Personality Incorpored, and I know he is on this Boards, but I really can’t remember his name!!!

And here we have Jaller because Jaller is the best Biotuber and you know the rest.

And this is my favorite: @ToaOfUltimateDoom 's self-moc. It is the very first time when I make a custom torso without a tutorial, and I am proud.

If @ToaOfUltimateDoom 's is my favorite, this is my least favorite. And it is made with a tutorial. ManiaMac1513 (I think) 's selfmoc: Zerek Zay. Yes… It have tons and tons of defects, but the biggest is the head. I tried to do it like in the video, but I didn’t have the T shaped piece, so I couldn’t use the cable. And then I couldn’t make the whole head, because in I couldn’t put the Vorox armor. So yeah, this is one of the worst.

But anyway guys, what do you think? Should I make the LDD series that I previously mentioned? I will keep do Biotuber mocs and show them to you.


Most of these are good. Except for captain neck there. He lacks interesting design and personality.

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The third?


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This is his self-moc (with another hammer) so you can imagine I I made him so simple.


Ah yea I see.


I’ve seen Hearts Of Vengeance, so bravo on what you got for Zerek. Maybe try his friend Zaries.

  1. Yes, I will make Zaries. I will make Children of Doom Agents too.
  2. You… You like the head…

Although I do love it.


Wait a minute, I recognize that MOC, haha.
Nice job.


@ToaOfUltimateDoom: Thank you!

What did you said?


@brickobotface , a very interesting individual :derp:


Lol. It’s not actually my character, the channel consists of me and another guy whom I don’t think is on the boards, and it’s pretty much his main character on the channel.

Haha. His creation is a funny story. Me and a friend were going to adlib a courtcase with random MOC’s, several of which were thrown together Matoran garbage for the sake of filler. The Judge here was meant to be able to look down on the rest, (although that is most certainly not what happened). Since the court case was meant to be completely stupid anyways we didn’t (and still couldn’t) care less about the MOC itself. XD


It isn’t your self-moc? It isn’t even your moc? :sleepy: :tired_face: Then what is yours?

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It’s close enough, but I must ask. If this is a digital render, why don’t you have a t-bar?

I don’t know what is this.

A small light gray piece in the shape of a T.

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Oh, yeah! I searched for it, but I didn’t found it.