Some Makuta Mocs

Spiriah, the former Makuta of Zakaz and Artidax

Inspired by Silvak ‘s version of the character. Credit to the mask goes to Khingk

Kojol, the Makuta of Artakha

Inspired by Kodiak’s and Galva’s versions of the character. Credit to the masks goes to Galva

Tridax, the Makuta of Nynrah

Inspired by @TLROsborne171 's, 98_me_dae_seng’s, and @Judgement 's versions of the character. Credit to the mask goes to Galva


It’s nice that you remember that the olmak wasn’t Tridax’s main kanohi


These are really really nice, good job.

These are good. I also love that Makuta-fied version of the Olmak.

These are some very sweet MOCs

Tridax here is by far my favorite. I like the use of the roborider heads and the horned Trinuma mask looks vey nice. The Pryrox masks make for excellent pauldrons, I would never have thought about using them for shoulders. A few more pictures would be nice though, I would like to see how the wings are attached on Tridax. Very nice job!

From this you can see that his wings are attached on ccbs limbs on a double socket piece that’s attached to the back with some pin axles


Ah I didn’t notice at first

Oh no!:hushed: He got McFly!