Some MNOG paintings i did a while back

these are approximately two months old, so they do not meet my standard anymore.
however, i still want you guys to see them!


These are very impressive and extremely accurate. Well done!


Love it! post some more.

Man, it feels extrordinarily amazing when you come to a thread about art, and it's like, legit art.

I mean, joke art is fine, it's funny, but still. I think you did a wonderful job, despite the fact that you dislike them. MNOG's style is quite simplistic in general, so I feel that artwork of it like this ages very well.


I love them! Totaly matches the MNOG style!!
Absolutely stuning. Would you consider doing some work for our RP?

we can talk about it. send me your skype name.

Very nicely done!

Very good, I like illustrations and I can see that you kept the feel and tone of the whole world encompassed by the game.

Looks like it's straight out of the game! Great job!

This looks like you took it straight from the game. Very nice job! Also, do more.

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wonderfully done

Simply Beautiful!

Cat... one question. HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Passes Out

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