Some of my MOC drawings

The first one here is my self MOC, Toa Stoax, Toa of Stone.

Basically this is what I envision him too look like in real life. And before you ask, "that doesn't look like a Kakama", I tried drawing it on him and it looked out of place on him, so I tweaked at it a bit and got this as a result.

This next one here is of Rauera, a cyborg Toa of Fire who I have yet to reveal the back story of in OPERATION VINDICTA.

This one leans less from a realistic perspective and more towards a MIRAMAX esq appearance. In other words, how he would look in a BIONICLE film.

The swords hilt looks a bit bent and wonky though I personally like the rest of the way he looks.

Ands that's all for now!


Well done on Pohatu's mask.

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Cool! Really like the first one although it looks a little bit disproportionate.