Some Old Digital Art by Slime


So I was looking through my family external drive for some stuff, and I ended up stumbling on some old MS Paint I did.

For context, when I was young I often visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. At this museum, there was a particular piece that really stood out to me. I sadly can’t remember the name of it, but it was contemporary abstract art, which basically meant a bunch of shapes. I think it’s had a significant impact on my digital “art” I’ve made throughout my life, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

In any case, the following pieces were inspired by that painting. These are from 2003-05 (Age 6-8) (also probably before some of you were born), so do not expect them to be good.

Some are relatively simple,

- rtytrrtytrrtyytrrtyytrytrrtyytrrty 12345678910, 2003

- jivdh, 2005

Most involve either circles, rectangles, and/or lines,

- BUBBLES, 2003

- Lines and Curves, 2003

- qwertyuiopasdfghkxcvbnm, 2004

- E5YTEYTT, 2004

- jhjklh, 2005

Then there are some that are actually bordering artistic,

- moderen Art, 2005

- nahtE, 2003

- Rodeo, 2003

- FUN!FUN!FUN!, 2003

- ruygiuhsid7g, 2003

- ytrewq!, 2003

- yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, 2003

Like none of these are anything of actual value, but I just find it so strange that 6-8 year old me came up with these of my own volition.

Anyway, I’ll close with this borderline swastika.

- bop, 2003


Very abstract, I’ll give them that. I especially like the first although that may just be because green is my favorite color

Thanks for making me feel old


You know, when most people say “old” they mean four, five years ago? I was not expecting 2003-2005. :stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff is interesting; I like how the first one is just a solid color. Not much to say about them, though.


Ah but if you look closely, you’ll see that there are in fact 2 tiny blue dots in the upper left. Clearly a masterpiece for the ages.


I didn’t actually see those.

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Not quite

But one year off is pretty close

But uh, not much to really say about them considering most of them are abstract images that exist, but

actually seems like it would be passable as a piece of abstract art


Wow some of these are actually pretty cool looking

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Joke’s on you, I was 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting work here, to say the least. Lines and Curves in particular is very Jackson Pollock-y, and qwertyuiopasdfghkxcvbnm reminds me of Composition with Red Blue and Yellow by Mondrian:

ytrewq! has a very striking silhouette, and the giant red dot does draw the eye.

These are all pretty interesting in an esoteric kinda of way. Only thing that really bothers me is the non-antialiased edges. If some of these were done traditionally, they could probably pass for actual abstract art.

######Although they do kinda also remind me of Ringo Starr’s art…


oh snap i think you just found that artist ive been searching for years

in any case, his art looks pretty dope from what i see

yeah again
ms paint


Is that Larry the Cucumber?

Clearly a swastika. The game’s up; obviously this means your campaign for the Metru Nui governorship was a Nazi plot all along!


i think so, yes

oh snap you got me guys
i’m actually adolf hitler

…don’t take that quote out of context


Respect :facepunch:


This one is either a fat guy whispering into a soup can or a man with his face too close to the camera waving his fist.

This one is clearly thomas the tank engine. The yellow circle represents his face and the blue portion represents his cab. The pink rectangle is a window and the red one a light.


Thanos getting ready to snap half the universe


You heard it here yourselves, folks.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.


Next to last one was clearly a precursor to your comic series on the boards.


0/10 you never made a selection tool monstrosity.