Some Old Mocs of Mine


These are some old Mocs of mine that I might’ve posted somewhere else, but they were deleted. So, laugh at the Mocs younger me made, ranging from horribad to decent, to maybe good.

My Pitiful attempt to copy Furno XL’s armor on a regular sized Moc:

beyond Horribad back view, I’ll get you the bleach:

I made a car once. cool

It’s a frog tank :frog:

Onto the decent-ish Mocs

I loved this one:

My attempt at trying to replicate the toa mata’s function:

My old Optimus Prime

And Blaster:

And all my old transformers I need to rebuild:

And the original White Knight:

This concludes my old mocs, and while most of these are destroyed, criticism didn’t hurt anyone. Some of you might recognize these from my time on the Lego Galleries. Sorry for the very long post.



The system MOCs are very impressive, especially the transformers. Keep it up!


Some of them are meh, whilst others are yaaaaaah. You can definitely tell what’s new and what’s old. Seems like you’ve improved over the years, though. Keep up the good work OT!

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Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have to start somewhere. And honestly, these all look pretty cool.

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Thanks guys.

it was more like a joke, I think. finding all the pictures took a while, so I forgot what I was thinking while typing.

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Cool, I really like the first two.

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When did you make the first two mocs

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They were uploaded to my computer 6-5-2013, so a little before then.

You might have Predicted the Lego Movie

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Very impressive. Those transformers are neat.

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Mechs galore. These are pretty good.


Thanks guys!

I love those TF mocs

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Nice job! These are all really cool!

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Thanks guys

The memories

(Most of which I’ve forgot but I recognized a few of these)

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I thought you’d recognize some of them.

I was looking through the pictures somewhat absent mindedly, but then I notcied the last MoC. I thought, “This guy stole from Omega. Wait…”


That frog mech is the best mech.

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That Blaster ain’t half-bad!
Good job!

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