Some pics that I just found on my phone

I just found some of pictures that I have on my phone,
so I’m just uploading some of them that I like.

This one is my latest brutaka moc.
Can you see that two horn-thingys on his olmak?

EXPENSIVE turaga lhikan moc…
Thank you, khingk!

(everybody knows, it’s crana.)

tuyet with her barbed sword yeah

maybe this is mt lariska last year…?
I don’t have this one in my room, but maybe I could redesign it later somehow.

Everyone, have a great, great weekend, and have fun!


These are incredible! My favourite has to be the Mutated Brutaka


ooo i love the brutaka and the lariska also looks really cool!!

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ooh these mocs look pretty cool. My favorites are Brutaka and Turaga Lhikan.

I’d be really interested to see that Lariska MoC complete. It looks so great already

I really love this, definitely some cool designs.

oh dang this looks really good

love the shaping on the torso

this has got to be one of my favourite tuyet ive seen, great job all this build are really good

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yeah here it is! my old video…XD

thank you! :heart:


I love it! Really captures my visual of a mechanical life form. Also I think the rubber band jaw function is a clever form of articulation. She’s got raptor vibes too, which plays into the “lithe predator” atmosphere Lariska always gave off.


Hope you don’t mind but I drew a custom head I thought would look good on your moc.

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oh wow i remember watching this a few months back
one of my fav lariskas, just wasnt uge on the stumpy legs…