Some Pixel art stuff

Before I get started, these were inspired by @Omega_Tahu’s pixel art
These were made using Piskel
But for some reason, when the picture amd gifs were uploaded, they were 32x32, and resizing it makes it blurry. Sorry for that, any help with that will be very helpful



1st Gif


2nd Gif


######I might take requests if that’s okay with @Omega_Tahu and if I’m able to fix the problem with the blurry pictures

Update: Open for requests and size issue has been solved

Thanks for Viewing C&C is welcomed
Hoped You Enjoyed!


well your style and omega’s are fairly different, I dont see why that would be a problem

if you do take requests, I’d love to get more art for my moc :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, resizing them is a pain. there should be a thing you can adjust at the top of the 4th left tab that let’s you resize them.

I don’t have any problem with it tho.


Might wanna ask @Omega_Tahu how to size those pics better

I feel like he would know.


@Star-Lord sure, I’ll add to the list that I’m going to make
I just need a picture or description (pictures are recommended) for reference, choice of gif or picture, and what you want them to do if gif

alright, pics of the moc you can find here

I want him on a ledge, looking down, like this

or this

and if you can animate his “cape” flowing with the air I would love that

could you do that?

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I’ll try it

Here’s the list so far

Requests Statuses:

  1. @Ace- Shockfleet- pending
  2. @Zero- Lerahk punching Tahu- pending
  3. @DarkHenrik- Snowman- pending

Ruby from the show RWBY

Edited Title for spelling -OT

Were you able to figure out the resizing?

I figured it out now, thanks


could i request shockfleet?

sure, but what do you want it to do?

hugging galvatron.

Yes. I approve.

I’ll see what I can do…


huhhuh I’m excited

I just noticed that the topic I linked to you doesnt have pictures of the back, I dont know if this will help now, but here;

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If you could make my current avatar as pixelart that would be cool.

@Star-Lord Wait no more!
Warter is done!

@LTVmocs You’re next!

######and yes, I did stay up late to finish this


god dang it now I have to make a choice

btw, this looks amazing, thanks for taking your time and making it

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so can i request someting here?