Some pretty weird drawings

All of these drawings were done in pen and on A3 paper. I took some inspiration from game franchises such as Silent Hill and Dead Space, mixed in with a few ideas from my own nightmares I’ve had.

Obviously they’re meant to be pretty gruesome, so if you’re even slightly repulsed by anything that involves blood and severely wounded bodies and such (basically anything in Silent Hill) then i wouldn’t recommend looking. They probably aren’t well drawn enough to get any reaction of that kind, but i just thought i’d add a warning just in case.

Hope you like them :smiley:

I’m hoping these are okay to be posted here, if not then i’ll happily delete the post if requested by an admin of the site.

Thanks for looking. Feel free to tell me what you think of 'em. I’m open to criticism :smile:


These are very nicely done. The attention to detail definitely adds to the creepy nature of the drawings.


Good artwork, although I’m generally not a big fan of zombies since at this point they all seem unoriginal and bland. These, however, thanks (at least in part(I’m guessing)) to the dead space stuff are quite creepy and uncanny and unique. Although, I’m guessing that most of the creepier stuff came from your night mares.


Feels like Lovecraftian horror mixed with H. R. Geiger’s Aliens, and then thrown into a protodermis pool full with Tren Krom.

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“Hmm, these pictures couldn’t be that weird could they”

‘Looks at pictures’

"Whelp, I guess I’m going to be having nightmares about these guys now "


Anyways, these look great


I really like the level of detail each of these has, really makes them quite creepy.

Sweet mix of horror fuel these guys are.

Dead space was your childhood I see.


What do you mean these aren’t metal album covers?


A Bionicle-themed metal band named Tren Krom. I like that idea.


And they are playing trash-death metal… :laughing:

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These are terrifying! But they’re sooo good!

that’s just about right what i look like!

and the first one is me after school

The title is very accurate.

These are terrifying. Awesome

Can I borrow some of your skill? (Or at least some tips for drawing and imagineing creative designs?)

These are horrendous!
I’m 100% positive that you accomplished what look you were after! :smile:

I’d recommend playing horror games if you want ideas for monsters and cyborgs. Its all good finding a picture of a design that you like, but there’s something so much more about sitting down in a dark room and fighting that monster - the sounds its making blasting into your ears from headphones. You get a sense of how it would move, and that really helps me.

I’d recommend playing Quake 4, DOOM 3, Dead Space 2 and Silent Hill Homecoming.

Two more games i’d recommend aren’t horror games at all, and are oldschool, fast paced FPS, but have some great designs. They are Serious Sam 3 and Painkiller: Hell & ■■■■■■■■■. Both of those games have COOP and are on Steam, so if you’re looking for somebody to play it with then feel free to add me on Steam - My steam name is OZKABOT :smiley:

All of the horror games i mentioned can also be found on Steam.

I hope that was useful. I’ve never been very good at giving drawing tips, so the best i can do is recommend sources for ideas :smile:


These look good.