Some(rushed) G3 Toa and Koro concept art

A rather abstract rendition of the toa, just to represent their color schemes and general aesthetic.

Le-koro, I imagine the Le matoran living close to the sky, on the central mountain of the island.

Po-Koro, a controversial choice, I think Pohatu should become the toa of nature, and as such Po-Koro would resemble a combination of g1’s Le and Po koros.

I really do apologize for how ‘abstract’ this looks, I did make these rather fast, regardless I hope you can get the gist of what I’m trying to convey.

Feel free to discuss.



Makes sense.


Not gonna lie, the abstract-ness of the Toa portrait, I really dig. I feel like this is how a shaman would depict the Toa, using some natural paints, dirts, and berry juices to depict them with color.


I mean, that’s basically what I intended, so I guess I succeeded.

Gutantu. The greatest Ewok of them all…

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