Some Slimy System Combos/Alts

For a…project…I recently completed, I had to include some system stuff. So here it is. All these are either Combo Models or Alternate Models and stuff.

So this Thursday I caved in and bought my first set of Mixels, the Weldos. They’re all great sets, but I can’t say I was impressed by their combination thing…

So I went ahead and made my own


next we have one of my older mocs, an alt model of the Brickmaster Exclusive Polybag, Neptune Mini-Sub:

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/8/b/8bb66f74f6f41d53b57e43539c1ea2447197f74a.jpg" width=“690” height=“458”

next we have an alt-model of the Lego Creator set Mini Off-Roader:

lastly we have an alt-model of the Brickmaster exclusive polybag, Tow Truck:

thats all for today good night


These are all really great. They all have aspects that are similar to their original models, but ultimately work better. :smile:


Love the way that fire truck looks, definitely my favorite alongside the Mixel.

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The Mixel is really cool…

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These are pretty cool, Slime!

You did very good!

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These look really good, I like the concept too

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