Some small mocs i made when i was 10 :P

WARNING!!!!: these were made 3 years ago when i was 10 they are not very good!!!!!
so here they are:
Preface this first one is sorta inspired by Nero's ship from the star trek re-boot you know this ship:

so here it is:

that is the first one i will be uploading the next later


wait, wait, wait. You made that first one when you were 10?

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ya i'm only 13 now and it was in 2010 when i took the pictures so i was 10. why?

er I think he thought of the very first pic the one of the ship lol


it's incredible. I couldn't make something that good today.

you mean the moc right?

here is the next one it is supposed to be Donkey Kong Country you know this game:

so here it is:

the big thing in the center is DK

oh. I may have accidentally thought the picture of the ship was a MOC

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Looks like the blindside of your mask got the better of you stuck_out_tongue

here is the last one it is supposed to represent this seen from The Legend of Zelda:

so here it is:

from the front

the side

the back a.k.a. the worst shot ever

the other side

and the last shot from above
let me know what you think of these 3 year old mocs