Some Speculations about the Vahi Appearances

So. A buddy of mine told me there were vahi's hidden throughout the animations. I found a couple. However, while looking, I noticed a couple of other things too, and posted them on YouTube here:

I may be a bit late with some of these speculations, as I only started watching the Podcast around Number 140-something.

---EDIT---OK. So I uploaded my video and made this post at almost exactly the same time as the book excerpts showed up as Breaking News on the channel, and wasn't looking at my subscriptions until this morning. However, expect speculations soon that, HOPEFULLY, won't be outdated in minutes.

hmm intresting

I don't think this should be in creative content.

These have been around for a looooong time.

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Edited title - not_legomaster

Sorry. I'm kinda new here. It just seemed to me to be the right place to put it.

Also, to Emuex, I just added the pics of the Mask of Time for the heck of it. I never said the Mask of Time images were new or anything. In fact, I was rewatching the animations, and, before I noticed some other stuff, did not intend to make a video on it. I was merely speculating on the stuff overall---the vahi was not the main intent of the video. The things I mention in the video are simply things I noticed and could speculate on.

And... really, Hawkflight? Really?

Well it makes it more clear what this topic is about

I came to this topic thinking the "Some Speculations" concerned the Protector names or something

Alright. It coulda used a more accurate and descriptive name. I was trying to keep it short---EDIT---Wait, did I put in "about the vahi appearances in the message boards title?" Dang. That was stupid of me if I did. I could've sworn I just put "Some Speculations".

Sounds good.

I hope we get the mask of time as a mask for this new gen.


seems highly likely... considering these Easter eggs