Some Lego Minifigures (everything is custom)

Silent Hill Boogeyman, Pyramidhead, Butcher

Oversized headed Ghostface and All Hallows eve Pumpkin Faced Slasher

All Hallows Eve/ Terrifier Art The Clown

Tribal Statue #1

Robots vs zombies Nightmare Zombies (v2)


These are neat.

The pyramid head, looks like a smaller version of the Obelisk of Light from Command and Conquer.

Like, a sort of small emplacement version, with a human motif to the structure.

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Thanks, I tried to decal Pyramidhead on both sides on the front from my custom paint creation that mimics bars on his helmet but it is not possble with this slope piece as there isn’t transparency on png in Studio, but you are right it definitely does look like the Obelisk shown. Anyways Your comments are always welcome, thanks for taking the time to comment

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