Some super hero (and vilan) sketches

Peter Parker


Anti venom


Green goblin
Dead pool

Dead pools

Ghost rider

Guardians of the galexy

Sorry they are a little messy


Their heads seem a bit to small


Yah I know

You need to work on your proportions, but besides that these are pretty good, albeit a bit messy

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The ones I can actually identify seem good though why do all of them literally look like you were too lazy to erase so you scribbled over?

I know I’m a bit late, but I think if you work on your proportions and coloring a bit, your work will be really solid! Your style seems very fluid, I can see it lending itself well to drawing stylized action.

The proportions need work, but other than that, they’re pretty great.

Believe it or not my art has gotten a lot better since I posted this