Some technic transformers

An autobot and a decepticon: I present to you Dranox and Mach5. (I made these two during the summer and forgot to upload them. oops :stuck_out_tongue:)


Le back

Le side dishes

Top down view

And Dranox transforms into, well you guessed it! An average sportscar!

Oh wait… That’s some sort of alien gunship.

This is Mach5.

Equipped with a dual dagger and arm cannon, he’s ready for anything.

Oh and he has wings?

Well that can only mean… fighter jet mode.

Well that’s all for now. I’m Zero, there’s more things like this coming soon, and this is a lego brick stuck in a steel door.


I like it. I guess I’m not the best judge with these kinds of MOCs though.

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Making purely technic articulated figures must’ve been hard! But they look great for what they are!almost a rhyme :stuck_out_tongue:

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For non blocky looking figures they’re fine but technic transformers really only work as block forms since it’s easier fir them to fold into something solid that way. Decent but they’re not the best.

On another note Mach five makes me think Gundam; I’m not sure why but it does.

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These look pretty cool! Also, that poor brick…


there is no techinc transformer of the Mach five.

I am disappointed.