Some things about G1 I still wanna know

There are a lot of things about G1’s lore and the attributes of people and things that I’m still confused about and want the answer to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I put together a list of what I wanna know about G1 BIONICLE. If you know, please tell me! ^^

1. Did the Toa Mata have hands?
The Toa Mata sets seemed more like robots than biomechanical beings, you know? But what confused me the most was their arm and hands. I don’t know if you noticed, but, with the exception of Pohatu, all of the Toa Mata have this arm piece. The piece you put into the lower end (Tahu’s Flame Sword, Gali’s hooks, Lewa’s axe, Onua’s claws, and Kopaka’s Ice Sword), are they a part of the arms, or are they detachable accessories? I’ve seen Kopaka, Tahu, and Lewa detach their tools, but I haven’t seen Onua or Gali do the same, and I’m assuming Onua’s claws are his hands. Also, Pohatu, Tahu, and Lewa have the same hand piece with 2 prongs sticking out, presumably fingers. In BIONICLE: The Game the Toa (except Gali and Onua) had hand like these. So, were these their real hands?

2. How did the Toa Mata regenerate their organic tissue?
As we know, after Teridax put Mata Nui to sleep, the the canisters that contained the hibernating Toa Mata were launched onto the surface of Auqa Magna, but a malfunction occurred that caused the canisters to roam the waters aimlessly until Takua summoned them to the Mata Nui island. The Toa Mata’s organic tissue decayed over the years, but doesn’t that mean that they died or something? So, when they awoke on the island, how did they regain their lives and organic tissue? I’ve seen an animated vid that showed Pohatu’s arrival, and his tissue regenerated out of nowheres.
Also, how were the Toa Mata constructed, both mechancial and organic parts, when they were being developed on Artakha?
On a side question, I know that they Matoran, Toa, and Turaga and whatnot are biomechanical, but in what way? Do they have a mechanical skeletal frame with the muscles and organs covering that and with exoskeletal armor? That’s how I see it.
To my knowledge, nothing tells you that the beings in BIONICLE were biomechanical. In fact, I thought that they were all robots, and I bet I’m not the only one!
Also, are the Glatorians and Agori biomechanical, too?

3. Where is “down” in the Matoran Universe?
We’ve seen maps of where the islands and continents are in the Mata Nui robot, and we’ve seen side-view maps of the Mata Nui robot, but those show that “down” is literally the back side of the robot, in terms of gravitational “down.” Is this accurate? Did the Great Beings design Mata Nui with artificial gravity so that things don’t move around like crazy while he was moving around in the universe?

4. How did the Matoran get rebuilt?
As odd as this question is, I’m still confused how it was done.
Since the Matru Matoran build is how the Matoran looked prior to being put into the Matoran Spheres, I’m assuming that’s how the Great Beings designed them to looks like (and I assume the Turaga, too, since Dume had the same build). But they were diminished due to being in the Spheres, and this was their body build for some time. I understand that, but this is what I don’t understand: Since the Matoran were biomechanical beings, how where they rebuilt, and what was used to rebuild them? I always thought the remains of the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal were used.

5. How accurate are the MNOGs and movies to the story’s continuity?
For a project of mine, I need to know the 100%-accurate details and continuity of the G1 BIONCILE lore. BIONICLEsector01 said that both MNOG games were semi-canon, but what parts were and weren’t canon? And what about the movies? How accurate are they?

I appreciate your help with these questions I have. Thanks. ^^

  1. Yes, but they only have two fingers, except Onua has three.
  2. Same way you do, but except they eat through their hands.
  3. The inner ear.
  4. Time travel paradox.

Most interpretations depict them having hands. When it comes to canon, however, it’s very inconsistent. The original Toa Mata sets had the two fingered hands, and only some of the Toa had them for both their hands. However, Stars Tahu is also meant to be his Mata form, and he has two normal hands there. Both forms are technically canon, so really it comes down to what you think.

This is mostly unknown. One could say that it might have been their elemental powers that revived their organic tissue, but the books never explained anything.

This is also a mystery. There’s little in actual canon about the process of building or repairing a being in the Matoran Universe other than the fact that only a very skilled person, usually a Turaga could do it. Artakha himself also had the Mask of Creation, which could have aided in the process.

All Matoran Universe beings are primarily mechanical exoskeletons that use organic matter to move and operate, and they usually wear some form of armor on top of that. All this really means is that they’re robot bodies that use muscles to move, lungs to breath, etc. Basically your interpretation.

They are fully organic beings with mechanical modifications and armor.

Basically anywhere it needs to be. The exact structure of the Matoran Universe is really a whole conundrum. It’s assumed that the islands are contained within giant spheres that float on liquid protodermis, with tunnels connecting the spheres. The Mata Nui Robot did indeed have artificial gravity.

The Turaga had special machines meant to create new Matoran. It may be assumed they could have used those machines to repair Matoran, but the Turaga of Mata Nui probably did it themselves by hand, which as mentioned before was known to be a very difficult process. The Matoran of Mata Nui were indeed repaired with the Bohrok parts since they use the same arms in their upgraded forms.

Of course, this also brings up some ethical concerns when you realize the Bohrok are mutated Av-Matoran…

The events of the MNOGs are typically considered canon, but the various details that are inconsistent with the later canon are not considered canon anymore, most notably Hewkii and Macku’s relationship, along with anything that doesn’t line up with Mata Nui being a giant robot.

It’s mostly safe to assume, however, that most of the MNOGs are canon.

As for the movies, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t anything that conflicts with canon. Mask of Light is usually considered an accurate interpretation of the events of 2003, Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows are abridged versions of 2004 and 2005 respectively, and The Legend Reborn is 99% canon aside from the opening scene showing the Mask of Life flying through space from a planet other than Aqua Magna, but that was mostly to avoid spoilers I’m assuming.

I hope this helps, I like to consider myself knowledgeable in G1’s lore, but anyone could prove me wrong if I am.

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What about Gali Mata? Are her hooks her actual hands, or are they just hook she holds on to, as depicted in this fan art piece?
Also, what’s the deal with the shoulder/hip piece as her chestpiece, instead of the ball that the others used (except for Onua…and Pohatu doesn’t have anything on his chest for some reason)?

Here’s my theory: Even though the Toa Canisters can put you into suspended animation, it’s also has a fail-safe system built in where, if you were to be in there longer than anticipated (like the Toa Mata did), it can repair your damaged and/or decayed body. Surely, some of the organic tissue’s genetic code was still laying around (assuming they had DNA). Like, after the canisters washed onto the Mata Nui shores, that regeneration system was activated and regenerated their organic tissues, before ejecting the Toa out of them. :slight_smile:

Maybe they were simply putting together the Toa Mata’s mechanical bodies, and they’re later put into a tube thingy with some organic protodermis that attaches itself to the mechanical skeleton and becomes the organs and muscles and whatnot. That’s how I’d put it, anyways. :slight_smile:

Yeah, pretty much how I envisioned their body structure to be.
I’m gonna try to design a MOC building style that does just that.
Layer 1: Skeleton
Layer 2: Organs & Muscles (I’ll use the flexible tubes for the muscles.)
Layer 3: Main Exoskeletal Armor
Layer 4: Additional Aarmor

Which? The Glatorians or the Agori or both?
And can you elaborate on the “with mechanical modifications and armor” bit, please?

Yeah, that makes sense. Surely, the Great Beings thought of that while building Mata Nui. :slight_smile:

[quote=“PakariNation99”]The Turaga had special machines meant to create new Matoran. It may be assumed they could have used those machines to repair Matoran, but the Turaga of Mata Nui probably did it themselves by hand, which, as mentioned before, was known to be a very difficult process. The Matoran of Mata Nui were, indeed, repaired with the Bohrok parts, since they use the same arms in their upgraded forms.

Of course, this also brings up some ethical concerns, when you realize the Bohrok are mutated Av-Matoran…[/quote]
What kind of machine? And did the Turaga, Toa, and Matoran even know at the time that the Bohrok were former Av-Matoran? :confused:
I don’t think it would be unethical, considering that the Bohrok are lifeless robotic shells. It’s called recycling. :stuck_out_tongue: But I do wonder what happened to the Krana after the whole Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal gig.

Why was the Hewkii/Maku ship decanonized? I thought it was adorable.
Which specific parts of the 4 movies and the MNOGs aren’t canon, as for as the story as a whole?
And do you know what parts the of Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows stories were taken out and/or shortened?

I apologize for being inquisitive, here. ^^;

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It’s all good, I like answering! :laughing:

As I said, all up to interpretation. It’s generally considered that they weren’t her real hands like Onua, but I know the game shows them as being her hands. Really it’s up to whoever is doing the interpreting.

Just a set choice to make her appear more feminine I believe. The balls on the chests never really had an in-story explanation, they were just ornamentation or armor. It’s all just set design choices.

As good an explanation as any, really!

Again, just as good as any! There isn’t really any explanation or clues in canon as to the processes involving organic matter and building/repairing.

Sounds awesome, dude! :thumbsup:

Both, they’re both native species of Spherus Magna. As far as what kind of modifications and armor, again, no real explanations. The best I could assume is robotic joints, limbs, artificial organs, maybe, and exterior armor.

A common adage is that the Matoran are 80% mechanical and 20% organic while the Agori/Glatorian are the inverse, if that helps extent wise.

No details were ever given as it was revealed long after Bionicle ended. [quote=“Toa-Nihton, post:4, topic:42741”]
And did the Turaga, Toa, and Matoran even know at the time that the Bohrok were former Av-Matoran?

No, at the time. I’m not sure on whether or not they were ever told by the Toa Nuva that they were indeed once Matoran. It might be assumed that they did sometime before the takeover of Teridax or after the Battle of Bara Magna, but it’s never mentioned that they ever found out.

No details were given on that either. However, one might assume many of the Bohrok, and even the Bahrag were destroyed when the head of the Mata Nui Robot was destroyed.

Everyone did, but alas, Greg has not a heart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t confirm anything as specifically non-canon. Story-wise, everything is in line with the story we were given, just fleshed out more. The only thing I can think of that was strictly not as it happened was Mata Nui’s flight through space to Bara Magna in TLR. It was actually a lot shorter and made its way from Aqua Magna to Bara Magna, unlike in the film where it is seen travelling past Aqua Magna. Of course, this was to avoid spoilers.

And of course the visual elements as well are strictly design choices.

Legends of Metru Nui:

  • The Hunt for the Great Disks (Shortened)
  • The Morbuzhak (Omitted)
  • The encounter with Mavrah and the Rahi (Omitted)
  • The planting of the Toa Stones/Kanohi Masks on Mata Nui (Omitted)
  • The Rahi Nui and Karzhani plant (Omitted)

Web of Shadows:

  • The journey to find Keetongu (Shortened)
  • Building the airships and the journey back to Mata Nui (Shortened)
  • Vakama’s retrieval of the Mask of Time (Omitted)

That’s about it! Hope it helps!

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All chest attachments were for the combiner models.


You forgot Krahka and Tahtorak, who appeared in both 2004 and 2005, and the Zivon in 2005.
The Makoki stones and/or Avohkii also had an appearance in 2005.


Actually, it’s usually said to be 85% mechanical and 15% organic. (and vice-versa for Agori) (Minor nit-pick, I know :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually, some details have been given, right here:
Did the Bohrok turn back??
Basically, the Bohrok - atleast the surviving ones, presumably still commanded by the Bahrag via the Krana, would be helping out building society since their purpose have been served. (Remember, they’re were not real villians, they just wanted to fulfill their intended purpose of clearing the island.)


[quote=“PakariNation99, post:5, topic:42741”]
As I said, all up to interpretation. It’s generally considered that they weren’t her real hands like Onua, but I know the game shows them as being her hands. Really it’s up to whoever is doing the interpreting.[/quote]

What about when Onua becomes a Toa Nuva? Did his become a 2-fingered hand or did he keep his 3-clawed hand? And what about the hands of the Matoran and Turaga?

In BIONICLE: The Game, the Toa Nuva and Takanuva have 2-fingered hands, but Onua Nuva still has his claws.

It’s all still up to interpretation.I suppose the game developers kept his clawed hands in the game for continuity, but more likely so they didn’t need to model new hands for Onua Nuva. It would be much easier for them to simply put armor on their Onua Mata model instead, which appears to be mostly what they did for all the Toa Nuva.

Story-wise, again it’s never specified what kind of hands the Toa possessed, so they never made mention of whether or not Onua still retained his three-clawed hands.

It’s just like with the Toa. Many different interpretations, and it’s up to the individual as to what they were. Common depictions are set-accurate (two fingered claw hands from the Tohunga models for the Matoran, Technic adapter piece for the Turaga) or just normal five-fingered hands (the movies). The books don’t mention what kind of hands either, but I’d take a guess that they probably did just have normal hands since the Turaga never really had hands to begin with. :laughing:

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One key thing that’s non-cannon about MNOG is any appearance of paper. The only piece of paper in the MU was the scroll of preparations. Also, presumably their wouldn’t have been a Nui Jaga nest, since rahi don’t reproduce (though I could be wrong there). As for the inhabitants of Bara Magna, I always thought their mechanical parts were mostly internal, and that their armor was just actual armor made of metal and leather (though that could be wrong, too).

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What do you mean, the Turaga never really had hand to begin with?
And why did the models in the movies look so weird? They just didn’t look right to me.

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