Some toa I came up with

Hi, I’m back, sorta. Here are some of the toa-heroes I draw-made in the near-recent amount of time

Phidi, toa of Water, a very knightly gal, with sort of a Toa Hagah style-look going for her, cuz why not. Mask is custom, I could make some bigger sprites for it if need be.

Merdii, toa of Sonics. Nice spacey synthwavy boy. I not-never liked the ever-dull colorscheme of the sonic elementals, so I decided to do something bright-different. Mask is Mahiki with a visor (which is how recolor can be explained officially). Merdii also has Hewkii Inika’s laser axe, but I felt he’d use that as a shoot-rifle as opposed to actual melee combat weapon

Talim, toa of Fire. He was kinda inspired by throwing axemen, but has an advantage of hot-flaming weapons and mask of telekinesis in order to reuse the axes efficiently. And fire-flight, apparently.

Now, I would end it at that, but there’s one more pic for a toa Kaita comprised of these… Proceed at your own judge-risk[details=Kaita]

Don’t really have a name for the big fella, but I know they’re 100% an axe warrior, and their colorscheme is a bit of a mess and that’s good enough for me.[/details]


Cool pixel art, especially the Toa of Sonics. Also, why do you talk-speak like that?

Love it! Love it so much!

I said it before I say it again… I want a game in that style!! :frowning:

It’s Treespeak, Metru Nui Le-matoran dialect.

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