some Toa of Earth MOC (edgy warning)

oh this is pretty edgy its like all black so

so i like this quite a bit because it might not look the best but i did finally build a fully custom torso, and it sort of works.

it is pretty thin just because of the torso

but without the cape it is a bit gappy, and square, just sort of under the arms

i do like the back, i think it looks good apart from the blue pins

so what do you guys think, i’ve already improved it a bit from its original form, and it would be cool if i could continue to do so. Thanks


It’s edgy and looks pretty good, but I think the limbs could use a bit more bulk (especially lower legs and lower arms) to match the torso. Maybe you could add an accent color for more visual interest, though if you want to keep it just black, that’s fine. Otherwise, this is neat MOC.


I’m not sure you people know what edgy is.


#E X A C T L Y

For the MOC itself, it’s barely edgy. It’s a pretty good MOC though, and I like the semi-samurai look it has.

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yeah, edgy but you should add the dark green

you don’t know edgy

Looks good. Not exactly sure about edgy. This still is great.

Careful your gonna cut yourself on that edge.

Its a good moc just not edgy at all.