Something Askew- A Completed Bionicle Short Story

A four-page story that took about a day to plan and write, “Something Askew” is a story based on the island of Mata Nui, and chronicles the strange sequence of events that takes place there upon the Toa’s arrival.

I hope you read and enjoy, for it took some work to complete and I’d love to hear your comments and constructive criticism.


This is very good story. It reminds me of another story I found on BZPower,Wildfire(It is novel). In that story, Turaga of Mata Nui are insane/evil. This story has similar concept:most of Matoran of Mata Nui turned insane/evil. I have a theory about this story.

In the story,it is mentioned that Makuta no longer is.This could either mean that he is dead, or that he exists in drastically different form.In story Matoran think that Makuta died with rahi.I think this means that Makuta was already “dead” by this time,existing in infected rahi.

Arktinen says that “The Turaga and some Matoran were too content to build:we embraced destruction” Makuta in MNOLG says:“People of this world are builders. But look into their hearts and you will find that they also have power to destroy. I am that power. I am destruction.”

In story, Kapura says that Makuta is no longer,but that his evil survives in hearts of Matoran.In MNOG, when asked by Toa who he is, Makuta answered “I am that which you sworn to protect.”, Matoran.In the story,Makuta evil’s survives in Matoran.In MNOG Makuta says,“You cannot destroy me.No more than you can destroy the sea, or the wind, or the void.” In the story, Makuta survived first death as Rahi,and second death as evil inside Matoran.

It seems to me that corruption of Matoran was caused by Makuta.

My theory follows:There is no armstrike between Toa Metru and Makuta.Toa Metru kill Makuta,but he manages to infect Rahi and implement his final revenge. He infects many Matoran pods with virus that drains Light and replaces it with corrupt,insane programming.

(In MNOLG,Makuta says: “I bore you,for I am Nothing.” Nothing is absence. I think it could mean in this case absence of Moral Light. I think that absence of Light is original state of inhabitants of Matoran Universe, because they would not need it before being given sentience,hence “I bore you,” Makuta purged themselves out of Moral Light,so “I am Nothing.” In story Makuta survives as evil inside Matoran,absence of Moral Light.Insane Matoran seem to be more evil AND insane than ordinary Shadow Matoran,hence part with corrupt programming.)

For while,Makuta survives in Infected Rahi,but is not able to regenerate,almost all of his Antidermis destroyed.In this state,he is unable to properly rule brotherhood or complete the Plan,hence his revenge.

Toa Metru awaken Matoran as in cannon, becoming Turaga. They are unaware that many Matoran are infected.Virus gradualy corrupts Matoran. Infectees murder Turaga and kill last vestiges of Makuta in Rahi,but he can rest easy: his killers were murdered by ones they wanted to protect and Matoran of Metru Nui he cannot rule are crazy primitives trapped on isolated island.

Brotherhood will propably clean corrupting part of virus,turning infectees into ordinary shadow Matoran,loyal to thebrotherhood.They will wipe their memories and introduce themselves as saviors of Matoran from great evil.Teridax’s dreamn will be archieved,Matoran of Metru Nui under rule of the Brotherhood.

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This is awesome! Even one person appreciating the story made it worth writing, so you made my day by posting that response :smile:
Now, as for the speculation:

[spoiler] you have fantastic ideas here, and most of it is in line with my ideas about how the current situation came to be. I’d also like to say that I actually don’t have the entire backstory in mind… I left it open, with references such as the Turaga and Rahi’s deaths, Ihu being very much alive, and of course Makuta’s disappearance. Do I know what circumstances caused Ihu to survive, or why the Matoran are evil? In fact, I don’t, because I had hoped that people would do exactly as you did, and speculate and think, not only about Kapura’s speech, but how things came to be as they are on the Island of Mata Nui. So you have made me very happy :smiley:

On another note, your points regarding Makuta and his nature as a being that cannot be destroyed are spot on. Even though perhaps he cannot think or act, the Matoran in this story seem to be influenced by his ideals, and Kapura believes that Makuta’s evil itself lives inside them. Evil cannot, as you quoted, be eliminated “…more than you can destroy the sea, or the wind, or the void”. Keep in mind though, that although Makuta may have used Rahi against the Matoran as he did in 2001, no Matoran mention that he actually influenced them. Kotu mentions that the sea-wall keeps them safe from Tarakava and Takea, but they are natural predators who would likely menace the Matoran whether they wear infected masks or not. This doesn’t mean that they don’t wear infected masks, though, because nobody in the story mentions that they don’t.

I also like the ideas in your last paragraph, where the Brotherhood fixes the Matoran and Teridax’s dream is actually achieved. It’s an interesting thought.[/spoiler]

Finally, I’d like to say that I can’t actually say that anybody’s speculation is wrong because it doesn’t line up with what I thought. This was supposed to be a little bit interpretative, and so long as the story doesn’t contradict it, all speculations are completely valid.

To anybody else who read it, please leave even a short comment or criticism! I would love nothing more than to hear your guys’ thoughts!

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