Something I just noticed about the Toa Mahri

Ok. My first post in a while, sorry about that. Anyway, I realized as I was sitting in bed that there are some key differences between one half of the Toa Mahri and the other half. If you look at Jaller and Hewkii, you can see that they look very organic, in terms of their masks. This is less noticeable in Hahli, but she also has “wings” and looks like she belongs in the water.

On the other hand, Nuparu, Kongu, and Matoro look more like scuba divers. Almost like they don’t really belong. 2 of these three don’t even have melee weapons, but Cordak Torpedo blasters. Matoro has claws, but his mask feels very much like something a scuba diver nowadays could use.

So now, I have a question for you all. If you could redo Bionicle’s 2007 release, what would you have done? Made the team entirely look like divers, turn Nuparu, Kongu, and Matoro into more crustacean-like Toa (Truly giving them the name Mahri, like Calamari) or keep them the same?
Just a little reference for you all. Look at the masks and weapons in particular (also, Jaller’s little friend)


I don’t think so… I would like to keep them as they are :wink:
But I see your point.
Sometimes I’ve got similiar thoughts.


I always interpreted their transformations as being a mixture of technological SCUBA-type gear with characteristics reminiscent of sea life.
For example, despite the somewhat organic shaping on some of them, all of the masks have tubing; all of the Toa have Cordak blasters. It’s clearly a blend of styles.


I would keep them the same. they did the styles very well, and it differentiates them well.


Meh. Scuba diver styling and sea creature styling. They just kinda fit anyway.

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We already had the Barraki, which were already very inspired by marine-life.

What I would have changed would be to put a bit more focus on their elements. Hewkii already has his rock armor, Jaller has a flame sword, and Hahli has fins. But for the other three…nothing that really shows their element. I would’ve given Nuparu large dual shovels (mounting the cordak on his back like his Inika version), Kongu some sort of propulsion device, can’t think of anything for Matoro though.

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First of all I would make them all CCBS, specially because of the lime connector pieces. :smirk: