Something i made using Bionicle parts and other materials

Not really much i can say about this. It was made for my art coursework so there's a chance i shouldn't be sharing this, but i was just wondering what other people thought of it - especially the Bionicle community. I wasn't sure whether to put this in MOCs or in artwork, but since I've used a lot of materials that are not LEGO, i thought artwork would be more appropriate.

Hope you like it!


I'd love to see more angles on this. Dystopian Vesok looks fantastic.


I'm gonna be waiting a while before i get some more angles, i want to get some proper studio shots of it. The photos on my phone don't really do it justice.

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Oh my gosh.

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Is that a good 'oh my gosh' or is it a "what on earth have you done" kind of 'oh my gosh'? :smiley:



I'm impressed. Just a little..... speechless.

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Thanks! I put a lot of work into it so i'm glad to be getting positive feedback so far.

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this is awesome :smile:

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Thanks :smiley:

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This looks Amazing! :smile:

The pieces and the

work well together.

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Thanks, it took a lot of experimentation to see what worked and what didn't. I'm happy with the result. I may upload a few onto my YouTube channel 'OZKABOT' once i've finished the Art course, and edit the photos in the same style as my other videos.

(totally not subtly plugging my channel there :smiley: )


This is freaking awesome!!

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This is... exuberantly fantastic to say the least.

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This so amazing it burns my eyes.

No I'm not kidding good job on mixing Bionicle and none Bionicle piece together. I may try something like this one day.


It looks nice but.. as everyone said already, pls give us more angles.

From what can see here... it looks freaking amazing!!!

This looks cool, very menacing. Also for some reason this reminds me of a stopmotion that featured the Toa Inika in it.

Vezok! What happened to you?!

I imagine this is what happened to Vezok after he ran into the Venom symbiote.

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Holy crap! That's awesome!

More pictures please!

That looks amazing.
I love it.

It's also spooky

Daaaang. That is scary.