"Something" of Protosteel

Hello TTV. I am relatively new to MOCing, and I am only now sharing my stuff with the internet.

The other MOCs I submitted were part of the story, but this one is not. I am going to scrap his concept in favor of making a Toa of Iron.

But his function is essentially the same: the ability to magics himself protosteel weapons.

I have had the torso of this guy for a while now, and have recently revamped his legs and arms to make them less basic. His usual weapons are these axes, but he also has a giant sword. He also carries around a sort of tablet to keep his designs, as he is only able to create weapons that he knows how to make. Apparently, those pictures phased out of existence…

I think his build is good, it’s just the character that I don’t have a use for.

Any critiques or improvements are welcome. The more I learn, the better I can be.


I like the look of it, but his torso is too short and wide and the arms are too long for him. If you made the torso longer you might be able to keep the same arms and achieve better proportions.

Otherwise, it looks pretty good!

I would make the legs and torso longer, and maybe the arms would be in proportion, but if not they might have to be extended too.

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Slightly off proporsion, and color scheme too bland for my taste, but has a nice look to it.

Aside from the long neck I like the look of this guy. Good work.

Yea, I was a bit reluctant to make the neck that long. The chest armor kept getting in the way of the neck articulation, so I made the neck a length longer to fix that.

If I decide to use this chest design again, I’ll look for a better way to get around it.

agreed, also legs are a bit too short.

Would the short legs be fixed by making the torso longer? Or would there be more to it than that?