Son of Makuta G2 Deathstorm

So third time lucky i guess but before you post anything i know it`s simple and a CCBS build so could you comment on other things please so here it goes:

Narmoto: "Come out of the shadows"

Deathstorm:"I cannot for they are made of me"

"that`s n-no-not possible, your dead"

"And soon you will be Narmoto"
"I do not fear death"
"Oh this is worse

Ekimu:"Demorian what happened?"
"You did"

now for some more pics

So backstory is similar to the second one but this time he was rejected from the academy of mask makers which filled him with anger. Then his farther agreed to secretly teach him but he would have to help kill Ekimu. But just before Makuta put the mask on Devonian warned him so that he may save his farther not killing him.When Ekimu did kill Makuta afterwards he started riots and the black market. Thought to be killed by the guardians he walked into the lost city and using his skills made the mask of skull spiders which gave him strength and unmached fighting skills



He's alright. His build is pretty simple.

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what did i say i know its simple so dont comment on it

If you didn't want anyone to comment on it, you shouldn't have posted it here in the first place.


Eh, not impressive, probably imo more simple and uninteresting than the last one you made.

It's a bit of an improvement over the last version, but still pretty simple.

It's simple, but I think it works well because of that.

It looks good even though it may be a bit simple

I feel that if you find a middle ground between the bulkiness of the first and the smallness of the second it would be good.

Oh god this is edgy. I cut myself on that edge.

In other news, the name needs to be fixed first. Deathstorm just sounds stupid.

OK! ON TO THE MOC! do I comment on a moc without touchin on the build? Screw it, I'm doing it anyway. The build is bad. Not because it's simple, but the armor placement is just... bad. Especially the thighs. They look like they limit poseability because of how thick they are. The hands need work too. He looks like an iguanadon with those thumbs.
The hammer is kinda cool, and the sword is pretty basic too.
Overall, 4/10. Nothing particularly special.