Sona The Defender

Yep I’ve got a lot of Mocs for you guys today. This is another revamp of a MOC I made in early 2016.

Here’s the original

Here’s the new version and yeah you can totally see the inspiration from the original.

“Hands up Rahkshi! I’ll take you down with my bare hands if I have to!”

Here’s a backside veiw.


Much better than the original

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It has a very intriguing shape. Not the typical muscular and fit design used most often, but the heavier nature, which makes this guy quite admirable. My only complaint is that the mask doesn’t really fit in well with the rest of the build. The sleek design of it stands out quite a bit. I’d prefer maybe the mask of fire, or even stone.


I feel like some more color is needed, some gaps could be filled in in the waist, and as @PeppyBricks said, the mask doesn’t really fit. Also, why the random gears?

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The MOC has a unique stature which mostly works except the shoulders look off.

It’s meant to be a revamp so I wanted to use the Same mask from the original. Idk. I’ll see what I can do

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It seems fat. Maybe try removing some of the bulk?

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Don’t mean to bust your bubbles but this is a female MOC btw

Edit: I was just adding that this MOC is meant to be female. I wasn’t trying to use it as an excuse or anything

And that matters why?

The armor flows weirdly, looking back at it. That’s most likely the problem.

I agree with @Omega_Tahu
It’s definitely better than the original.

is she pregnant?


Are you body shaming? /s? I mean… It could be considered that.

No she just thicc

Is she


I think
#Extra Bricc


Still doesn’t entirely excuse the lack of flow in the armor. Fix that, and it would look great.

Heck yeah my dude

@LTVmocs Oh my god yes. Thank you

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