A Toa of sonics built in 2016 (this version).

Sonatan carries the shield of his best friend, a dead Toa of light, and has merged parts of both their weapons together.


really digging the shield’s design and colors, as well as the technic-y legs. the body is a bit oddly shaped and I’d bulk up the forearms a tad, even just another liftarm would do the trick I bet. really solid MOC


All the limbs look really smooth, good job!

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I like it.
However, the light grey, dark grey, black, and silver just don’t work.
I’d try to keep it to two colors, and sprinkle a brighter color in between, such as orange or purple.

That’s a cool shield.

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So bad the mask is not transparent, is it painted?

Its an official silver mask (not my picture)

As you can see, the colors aren’t quite on point.


I couldn’t realize in the picture that, it looked more like gray

I believe he’s adhering to the general colourscheme for a Toa of Sonics established by Krakua, so throwing in a brighter colour would be inappropriate.

I do agree it should probably be a little more focused in that regard though, the weapons really aren’t helping.