Sonic fan game "green hill paradise"

So recently I’ve discovered this sonic fan game that had been in development for 10 months and finally got a playable release.

It was made by someone who challenged the idea that a momentum based sonic game could not work in a 3d environment, and while I already thing SA1 did that he proved that it very much could, but sonic team simply hasn’t done it.

The game looks awesome and I think this guy should be hired by sonic team to make the next sonic game (kinda like christian white head), while I haven’t played it myself (it isn’t available for macintosh and I haven’t found means to make it run short of installing windows) I highly recommend any of you to try it if your computer can handle it.


Looks rather interesting. Likely a project for the people who say things such as, “We never got a real 3D Sonic game”.

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