Sonic Moc Awareness

I would. However, I’m in the middle of a HUGE parts shortage.

That actually sounds rather fun. How might I start one?

I never said that they don’t exist. All I said was that I couldn’t find any on the boards

Trust me, I know all about double posting. It was just a mistake. I’m working on not doing that.

These are the best images I could find off of google images. There are a lot of other designs that would be easier to do in lego/bionicle. I just couldn’t find them, or at leas, good pictures of them.

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Just make a new topic and be sure to clearly outline the parameters of the contest (rules, time constraint, prizes, etc).

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Are those mandatory? I don’t really have anything to give. I’m not even sure how that work.

they aren’t mandatory. however, they help with involvement.

What kind of prizes do people usually do?

That’s true.

Art, mocs, nothing really crazy.

I like drawing. Doesn’t mean I’m good at it though.

How would that work?

Basically you could say I’ll build your self moc or build something you request. Of course, you could put limits on it, and they aren’t required.

So just build them something they ask for, and post it to the boards?

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Pretty much.

Keep in mind this isn’t required, and that plenty of people will compete either way.

Thanks a bunch. Few last questions. How should I format the topic? How long should I make the time limit/deadline? And what category should I use?

In terms of catergory, I’d suggest lego creations, but in terms of legnth, idk. I’d suggest taking a look at other contests for ideas. I know Umarak has one running currently, and Ghosty has a successful one.

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Thanks a million.

It’s really up to you. Generally 2 weeks-1 month gives people enough time to come up with entries. I really recommend just basing yourself off of other contests on the Boards to start.

Thanks man. You have been a huge help to me.

@Omega_Tahu Btw. This might seem like the most stupid question ever, but… have you been following me?

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Not intentionally, I get notifications for all replies in the lego creations topic, and I’ve been here since you’ve been asking questions.

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It’s just that seance I started, I’ve seen you like/reply quite a many of my posts across the boards. To the point where it seemed rather… suspicious.

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(puts on tin foil hat)
If you do make a contest you should keep in mind to have a prize thats worth it
people will be more motivated if its a really good prize more than a mediocre MOC or something.

I think it’s more about interest. The fact sonic Mocs are rare just shows that most moc makers aren’t interested. A contest could help but it won’t effect interest that much.