Sonic Moc Awareness

So I’ve been looking around on the message boards, searching for mocs, and it has come to my attention, that there absolutely none of these.

I have yet to see a single moc any sonic character on these boards. Especially any mocs of EggMan robots and/or bosses.

I honestly want to know why that is.

I mean, just look at this.

Or how about this beauty?

And who could forget this majestic creature.

I’m not really requesting any one to do these. All I’m saying is that I haven’t seen any mocs of stuff like this, and it would be cool if someone made one.


sure they’re moderately cool designs and all, but…

I don’t think that anyone has an extreme interest in MOC making for sonic related things


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one before, I just can’t remember where.

Well that didn’t take long.

Uhhh… how is this a problem exactly?


There just really cool designs, that I think would look even cooler in lego/bionicle form.

  1. I don’t necessarily think this “problem” is too big to make a topic about.
  2. I doubt this topic will change anything.
  3. I’m not a fan of those designs

Sonic is polarising to the say the least.

This topic has a good chance of devolving into a terrible storm of hate.

I wonder if I need popcorn…


I wasn’t trying to change anything.
I just figured that someone might see this and think “Hey, those look cool. I might just make a moc of one.” or something like that.

And that is useful/a meaningful contribution to the community how?

Not gonna lie, I found that some what funny, but was that really necessary?

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I was just trying to lighten the mood my man.

Sonic is scary…


Fine, you’ve made your point.

Scary how?

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More specifically, certain sections of the Sonic community, and their interactions with people that are not sonic fans…


Now THAT, I get.

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Or put more simply, if you want Sonic MOC’s, then make Sonic MOC’s. Requesting them here (I’m unsure if topics requesting MOC’s are even allowed) likely wont help out the community as much as say making your own MOC of one of these or making a MOC contest where you each submit a MOC based on a random Sonic character (With the main cast being excluded so that people need to be creative)

Sonic MOC’s do exist though - so its not a situation where technic/bionicle/CCBS fans are completely unaware of Sonic or anything.

Its just a niche market with several criteria required - which explains the lack of MOCS.

  • Being aware of Sonic
  • Being aware of CCBS/Bionicle/Lego
  • Being willing to make the MOC
  • Being able to get the pieces for the MOC
  • Being a member of TTV boards to post the MOC to the boards

I’ve tried some before, I tried eggman’s egg walker form SA2 it didn’t go so well.
I know shadowgear made one of E102 gamma.
Oh and I’ve seen a really good shadow the hedgehog on DA.

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While I think these are cool designs, and as a lego system mech/robot builder, these should grab my attention as things I want to do. However, I wouldn’t make them, for two reasons:

1: I’m not interested in Sonic

2: These designs are either impossible to mkae in real life, or they’re crazy round. All of the examples you gave are really round and impossible to recreate out of a blocky building system, unless you’re one of the guys who build 5 foot Evangelions. Plus, Sonic is only a video game.

Plus that scary Fanbase…


Some of us in the sonic fan base are very civilised, just the loud ones you see -_-


cough every fanbase ever cough

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