Sonic the hedgehog (film) - 2019

So uh…. anyone else know they’re apparently planning out a live action sonic the hedgehog film? 'Cause I literally just found out.

Also Jim Carrey’s supposed to be in it… and that’s about all I know… That’s also why I know.


Why you said 2019 in the title, but the poster says 2018.

Me too.

There’s a chance this is fake, but I heard about this last year (which IIRC is when it started supposedly started production) so I’m not really sure. Almost two years is a long time to lie about something like this, plus that poster looks pretty real.

Because that poster is from last year. And the movie isn’t out, so it’d be coming out next year (probably) if it’s real.

wait i just repeated myself :thinking:


The movie is real, don’t know about the poster.

I’ll wait for the Mario movie to get excited, but I don’t dislike Sonic.

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They already had that one.



no they didn’t, they have never made a Mario movie


Oh yeah, this thing. The fact that I’m not a Sonic fan plus the awful precedent set for game-to-movie adaptations means I’ll just be watching this to see how hard it crashes.


Yeah guys, it didn’t exist. Pssh, what Mario Movie

The movie has been in planning for quite a while now. I could see the movie being generically okay…

Ugh, it’s been a rumor flying around for years which got pretty much confirmed after Sega filed for a “Sonic Movie Website”. Release was pushed back to next year iirc, which is why the poster has a different date (which could be either good or bad depending on how you look at it, it was a bit weird that we’d heard almost nothing about the casting or even gotten a trailer when it was edging closer and closer to the release date so there ya go).

Given the godawful management of the character over the years, the fact that it’s a live action-CG hybrid by Sony (y’know, like the Smurfs?), and that they think Jim Carrey makes for a good Doctor Eggman means I’m not holding my breath by any stretch of the imagination.

Though I forget, I think there was something about it changing studios? Which is giving me flashbacks to the tonally-confused mess that was the game-based movie that shall not be named but was previously named in this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I hear more news about this film the pit in my stomach deepens. Sonic is already a laughing-stock in the gaming community at large - making him a joke on the silver screen is just going to be a kick in the nuts. It sickens me that they actually okayed this in the first place.


Seriously?? Another live action?!? Wh, not excited about this, now people want to do idk how much live actions! Pokémon, a lot of Disney, now Sonic!

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A live action video game movie.

About furries.


Yep, we’re screwed.


I mean, at least they’re keeping the standard sonic body shape from what I can tell, 'cause trust me when I say this isn’t the… ‘furriest’ I’ve seen a movie go.


I can’t believe this is happening!

Movie is real, production has been done since October.

Not 100% sure on the poster, but as far as I know it’s fake. If it wasn’t, it’s very old.

I suggest reading the Wikipedia for more information:

Some other random tid-bits I remember from the news videos online:

  • The Eggman costume is all black and he isn’t egg shaped.
  • They’re going with a Classic Sonic design with changes to make him fit into the real world (think Detective Pikachu).
  • There’s a chase scene that was filmed on a highway
  • There’s a suburban town in the film called Green Hills

Overall, things aren’t looking good for it, and I’m a Sonic fan.

Yes, there’s a chance this could turn out to be wonderfully weird like Detective Pikachu, but unlike that film there isn’t much evidence to show that the Sonic movie is being made by people with an understanding and love of Sonic. The whole thing screams corporate cash-grab.

I’m gonna love Ben Schwartz as Sonic, though.

If you ask me, they should have made it completely animated. And in a perfect world, it would have been written by Ian Flynn from the comics, one of the very few quality media this franchise has left.


Yes, exactly! Full-on CG animation lends itself so well to the character because the camera can go as fast and the worlds be as crazy as they need to be, I mean - just look at the intro to Unleashed say what you will about the game itself, but you can’t deny the quality on display here :stuck_out_tongue::

Seriously, this is ten years old at this point and it still looks gorgeous and fluid.

This was just a high-end intro short to a video game, imagine what they could do with the kind of animation we have now.


So this was just revealed

  1. “A whole new speed of hero”? Really?

  2. …Sonic, what have they done to you?

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Holy Jesus… I saw that one the wikipedia page and thought it was fake or something, but… wow.

They somehow made him look worse than in that fan film some guys did ages back, I’m impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, why on earth do they keep trying to adapt him to the real world? Every aspect of his design, his world, the design of his fellows, etc. FUNDAMENTALLY clashes with being in the real world. It’s the same logic as with the live action Disney remakes. Why are you taking characters that were designed with cartoons in mind, and shoving them into this bland “realistic” look? It always looks terrible, and I’m pretty sure it’s more costly than just doing it in full CG don’t quote me on that though.



This looks like it could be neat. At the very least the poster looks nice.