Sonic the hedgehog sequel (2022)

this is happening now, so discuss it. i myself was never a fan of sonic, but hey this is another topic under my belt


I haven’t watched the first one yet but all I can say is that it looks, fun.
The characters look really good though, so glad they fixed that monstrosity that they originally created and went with this more authentic style.

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i kinda liked that, made him look more like an actual animal

I haven’t watched the first one either, but it looks like a decent film series.

This was the thing from the game awards that was remotely interesting to me, but you can’t please everyone, I suppose

EDIT: just saw the Sonic Frontiers trailer. That looks neat as well

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The first one was a pretty good set up for a sequel were some of the more iconic characters are there, like tails and egg man because the first egg man didn’t really look like egg man. I was happy to see sanic get into the sonic movie as a joke though

Edit: chilly dogs!

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It’s back

We thought it was just one but no.

Hollywood must create another.

A sad day in the life of a geek.

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enemy spotted

actually the best video game movie ever was final fantasy the spirits within

two posts just disappeared including the one I quoted

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Apparently some people were offended by my one small word choice even though I’ve seen much worse. But what can you do.


One bad word? Better delete the post and every reply! Instead of just, you know, editing it.


Repost incoming.

Hello, fan of Sonic here.

Allow me to absolutely gush for a just a minute.

First off, allow me to say that we live in a miracle of a timeline. I literally feel like the universe as a whole was saved from an incoming meteor strike when Jeff Fowler and Paramount decided to actually listen to fan backlash feedback, delayed the movie, hired Tyson Hesse (the best artist to ever touch the series) to consult on the redesign, and revamped the marketing and managed to completely 180 this film franchise.

The first film was a decent and fun flick, and while I really enjoyed myself as a Sonic fan, it felt like they had barely scraped the surface of the potential of the series.

And now let me just say. Ho. Ly. Crap.

My mind was blown when they showed off the poster the day before. It just got announced that Colleen O’Shaughnessey, the voice actress of Tails from the actual games, was returning to voice Tails in the sequel. Months before that we got the reveal of Idris Elba as Knuckles. The cast alone was shaping up to be something special, but…


Sonic and Tails. In the TORNADO?! Dr. Robotnik with his iconic look in the EGGMOBILE?? BUZZBOMBER BADNIKS??

I was already hyped with how much they were including already, but then. The trailer…oh my lord, the TRAILER.

Sonic Adventure references out the wazoo (my favorite game in the series, by the way). We’ve got Sonic standing on a building at night as cop cars race below him, chili dogs, water jets streaming out from the sewers. We’ve got Sonic snowboarding, racing through ancient temples with spike balls and lava.

The freaking MASTER EMERALD?!

And to top it all off…Knuckles. KNUCKLES! Not the bumbling idiot Knuckles of the modern games, the real, [redacted], powerful, threatening, mysterious, confidence-oozing Knuckles from his original appearances. And he looks and sounds amazinggg.

"Do I look like I need your power?"

Chills. Literal chills.

This movie will be awesome. I am already saying it now, it will be the best video game movie ever made. I echo the sentiments of many fans already: they’re focusing on the Sonic characters, they’re diving deeper into his world and his lore, they’re bringing in new characters and plot elements, the actual cinematography looks much improved, there’s loads more action. The first movie felt like any other film with Sonic in it, but this looks like a Sonic movie. Heck, the plot itself seems to be a loose adaptation of the Sonic 2 and 3 games with elements of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 as well. And I love it.

And again, it just boggles my mind. We were inches away from catastrophe before the first movie. Now, Sonic 2 is highly anticipated, is getting everything right, and I dare say is the saving grace of the entire Sonic franchise right now. I am currently more hyped for this movie than the next actual game, which had a rather underwhelming presence at the Game Awards.

Anyways, that was my gush. Do I care if most people here aren’t actually going to understand everything I’m talking about? Not really. But let it be shown, because for once I’m darn proud of being a fan of the Blue Blur.


@Pakari since I didn’t watch the first movie, I assumed that the classic badniks were present at some point, but I guess not. I like their portrayal of knuckles as well. I hope your expectations are met!

y’know looking back at it, it doesn’t quite as bad as people said. The new design’s still better though, imo

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At one point in the movie, Robotnik throws a bunch of switches and one of them is labelled “Badniks.” He doesn’t throw that one, though, as it was just a reference for the very observant, but I’m excited to see them in the sequel!

Although, it looks like it might just be the Buzzbombers, which is a bit disappointing. But I’m holding out hope we might see a Motobug or a Crabmeat or something.

And especially holding out hope that we might see Metal Sonic or Shadow in the end credits.

Sure, if that animal is a human being.

I’m sorry, but if you liked this design you are certifiably insane.


I didn’t think Idris Elba could’ve work for knuckles, but so far I’m really impressed with what we’ve seen

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I really liked it when red sonic punched blue sonic and geraldo rivera talked about the plural designation of the rounded prominence formed by the ends of the two adjacent bones at a joint