Sonic the Hedgehog

The world’s fastest hedgehog who can run faster than the speed of sound.


This is amazing.
He should cameo in the movie.

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Head is a tad too big, but. Movie design was definitely beaten by this one

I’m not really a fan of Sonic, however your MOCs constantly impress me. This is no exception. Your parts usage is outstanding, and you’ve managed to capture the character so well. I am curious as to your though process behind the feet, seeing as if they were upright they’d be a smidge closer to the appearance of the original design. Either way, great work as usual!


Great job, it’s pretty accurate, what’s that mouth? Did you just draw it?

It’s an official sticker that was cut. It’s not drawn on with sharpie.

I don’t know a lot about sonic, but this looks great

he likes to go fast

Thank you Eljay! The reason the feet are built sideways is to improve stability since the legs are very frail and have to support a heavy head.