Sonnax Toa of Speed - 2015 Redux

Somewhere in the dunes of the Okoto desert a tall figure was roaming the sands, at first sight one could confuse the figure with Pohatu the Master of Stone, but on a closer look it would become obvious it is not him. This was a female warrior, though her mask was quite similar to Pohatu’s, those who saw her didn’t recall a seventh Toa of such to arrive along with the rest. Though she did help out on occasions when the protectors needed some help her main mission seemed to be still unknown, though she did often ask about where can she find Pohatu, but for what reasons she never shared with the others.

Or it could be Master of Speed if we wanna go with the current way of naming Toa, but either works for me. Well Year of Rebirth spawns another of my older creations in an updated and far superior form. Small thing about Sonnax just for the fun of it I made her be a fangirl of Pohatu, though that is not part of her actual story, it’s just a simple, goofy little thing. Plus since the current Pohatu is Mr. Deep edgy voice now, I’m sure her being a fangirl will only make her want him even more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though it’ll be an awkward sight as she is 1.5x the size of Pohatu.


The MOC its self is pretty cool. I really like the colors and design. Though the arms seem like they could use more green.

I also wonder what’s up lately with all these Toa of speed MOCs. It’s not even an element.


“So asks the Master of Lightning”
-Sensei Garmadon, 2015

I like the rabbit-like attributes. Reminds me of Majora’s Mask and the Bunny Hood, how it let one run faster.


Preety cool ideas executed:
-Feet that look like deer feet (you can call those feet, right?)
-fangirl of Pohatu? 10/10 #sonnaxXpohatuship2015
-flaps on head? Thats cool aswell (and well executed



Why do toa of speed always use Kakama? Im sure they have as high “velocity” like if pohatu was using kakama… use different masks people (tho Kakama fits on her)


To be fair those are supposed to be more part of her back rather than her head, those help her turning and alter her speed, like spoilers/wings , but I guess they can work as bunny ears too =3

@LQ1998 I honestly haven’t really seen other Toa of Speed MOCs, then again I never did a search on them to see how many are there in total. I would have used some dark green but I didn’t have any dark green socket pieces or anything small.

@Creep Huh, didn’t even notice the feet looking like deer hooves, as for the Kakama I made the MOC many years back and I wanted to stick with it as one of the few things I didn’t change on her, other being the flaps as you call them =P

@Kiixaar I seriously never intended that to be a thing, I never really paid attention to that parallel ^_^;

@Calvatron -.- you do know the fan girl part is not part of her actual story as it was stated above right? the whole fan girl thing is a “out of character” or “behind the scenes” thing, read before you post


Love the White/Green color scheme and the overall build and appearance. But did you have to name him after Sonic the Hedgehog? That’s the biggest drawback in my book.

While the MOC itself looks good, I really hate the idea of a Toa of Speed. It makes no sense. All other elements involve manipulating something external, but Speed is something you have to generate within yourself. oh, also:

this is not how you write a female character

why are Toa of Speed so darn popular

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first off, that’s not how you should reply to posts. Doing it that way makes it very confusing when reading through a topic. Next, if it’s not part of her character you shouldn’t have included it,

That’s funny, because I was scolded the last time I wanted to do it the usual way and I was told to use @ and the username to reply to someone, but whatever, second ever heard of this thing called fun? You should try it once.

no, see, you can’t reply like that twice without someone else posting in between them. If you’re just posting once it’s fine.

and the reason I’m upset about it is what you added makes it seem like you only created this character to be a girlfriend for Pohatu.

That part is just a simple JOKE… Jesus, why do you take something so meaningless of a detail so seriously? I’m not shipping some idiotic slash fiction or anything it’s just a goofy thing if I plan to make some interaction between characters the way they are toys in a room, not in-character roles.

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I’m not so sure about the hunched over look, if that was what you were going for then that’s fine, just not really my thing…

Great, another fight in a MOC topic!
I applaud you guys.


It was my bad. I took a little detail too seriously.

Another toa of going fast? I like.

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Not enough blue to be Toa of Sanic, 0/10…

…/s, please don’t hurt me…

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