Sorak (1st form)

name : Sorak
class : level 1
origin : Protodax
affiliation : demon
power : sensitive spikes
weapon : powerful jaw
universe : Nah’ayara
place : Xiloria & Protodax

Unlike his peers, Sorak isn’t just a demon, the cast of his body has been created by the son of protodax Spaine himself and has been used only one time before his destruction by his creator, making Sorak a unique demon (you’ll never meet two). Spaine also chose Sorak’s soul himself by killing one of the bravest citizen he mate. All these things makes Sorak the most intelligent demon of the universe and Spaine also think he will become the most powerful one, even more dangerous than all the son of protodax united…


I’m getting uncomfortable Skag flashbacks from the first borderlands game

you’re right @IceBear , there are common points

The body is a bit cluttered, but the entire thing has a really interesting shape!

Nice work here!

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thanks @PakariNation99

This looks like a pretty good rahi! Good job

I love the shape of this especially the way the back angles like that, great bio on his character as well!

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I think I’m more talented with stories than building ^^’ but I have some good mocs like this one