Sorry For The 'Eljay for President' Incident

Before I say anything, I am not mad, I'm just making this to make sure I don't look like a bad guy if I have or anything. This is just so we have an understanding as I can't seem to message the one who said the thread was spam, WHICH AGAIN, I'm not mad at you, I can't say that enough. And this is also for the others who watched it tumble.

The post was meant to just have fun, it wasn't for spam. It exploded into a running trend that really I didn't intend to happen. Again it was just for fun and I'd like to apologize to the Member who stopped the threads and to TTV along with it's members and fans. I am truly sorry.

If this is spam let me know. I don't think it is as it is a topic involving what occurred. Please don't post any 'THIS GUY FOR PRESIDENT.' Type thing as a reply. I just hope we can get along peacefully and that there's no bad guys in the situation.

Sincerely: Someone who can't apologize enough.... Sorry.


@Crunchy I am truly sorry for the incident.

OK dude. No more "X for President" threads.

(Posts Political_Nuju for President)

But in all seriousness, I wouldn't be too upset by this. I mean, you were just wanted to show how much you liked Eljay. And personally, I found the topic pretty funny while it lasted.

So don't h8, celebr8!