Sovereign/Sovereign the mask maker (no relation to mass effect)

“Some try to mold the dark but the dark ends up molding them i wont make that mistake”
Sovereign to Ekimu

Sovereign was a great mask maker that existed thousands of years before makuta made the MoUP. There were many mask makers and sovereign was among the strongest. Eventually he made a mask that allowed him to control shadows like Umarak could. He began to infuse his body with shadow allowing him to mimic elements powers he did not have. if he gained a mask of power from that element he could truly control it. Eventually he claimed himself supreme ruler of Okoto however Ekimu and Makuta made a plot with the other mask makers and managed to stop him. In a fit of rage he killed the remaining mask makers however Ekimu and Makuta managed to escape the slaughter. Eventually the brothers tracked him down and trapped him deep under the island. However with recent event’s he has emerged from his slumber seeking revenge for Ekimus and Makutas betrayal.


The Hammer

Sovereign the Mask Maker

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/f/f/ff5d53f591378a29fbf919d8ed63d335e66f2bdd.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”

The two together


Woah. Imposing.


Stands at 14 to 15 inches


The handle for the weapon seems a bit too thin. Other than that, I can forgive the conflicting textures. I dunno what it is about them, but I don’t mind. Dis eez a kjewl mauchkk, m8

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Sword or hammer (i think i know which)

Well that much doesn’t matter as much as the handle of it. Thanks, though.
Edit, didn’t even notice he had a sword. Yes, I meant the hammer. The one picture that prominently shows the sword I mistook it for more armor.

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Understandable i was going to put up a picture that had focus on the sword but i didn’t

Don’t get me wrong, I remember the sword from your moc page. I just couldn’t see it clearly from this picture.

And yes… plz… that hammer… I’ve done the same thing… It hurts…

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What a handsome big boy…

I like how the fingers were made.

for a moment I thought about shadowgear’s self moc but meh

I like it.