Sovereigns (poster thingies?)

-Autistic laboratory-grown men and women who can each take down a whole army single-handedly but don’t know how to dress themselves-

as a bonus here’s one for the Nibser guys


Nibser guy is immediately my favorite character.



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Please be joking.

Also who’s the guy with the red hair?

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Love the old guy and the guy with the blue hair. Those be my favourites, but all of them are amazing.

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I love how simplistic they are.

y tho


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but seriously thought is something bothering you

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I keep seeing their mouths as mustaches… and even though I’ve convinced myself that I’m wrong, I can’t unsee it.


don’t make me see it too…


It felt like you were making a joke, but then I wasn’t so sure.

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yeah i know it’s kinda weird but i thought it was a neat idea

The only thing I do not like about them… is the face… it just does not appeal to me… but besides that, great work.

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Here’s some more with the new guy

EDIT: now with added japanese translation for extra edge

That second one looks amazing.

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The moustache-mouthed meme squad seems to still be going strong.