Space Adaptive Armor?

So, this has been debated on Bs01 for a little bit, mainly because of contridiction.
You have mentioned on the LMB, iirc, that the Adaptive Armor has a hypothetical space form. Iirc correctly you also said Lewa’s armor adapted accordingly.

However, the space scene went as follows:
“Of them all, only Miserix wasn’t succumbing to suffocation, since antidermis didn’t need to breathe. But the cold of outer space would claim him eventually. Makuta Teridax had thrown some of the most powerful beings in his universe out like the trash, and it looked like they wouldn’t survive the experience.
Lewa summoned his elemental power, an effort in this environment, and created a thin bubble of air linked around the heads of all the castaways except Miserix.”

This is implying Lewa wasn’t able to breath with the help of the Adaptive Armor. Also, Artakha said, not sure if these are the exact words, land, sea and air would not be their master, he did not mention space, and Artakha had most likely no knowledge of space and as such wouldn’t know how to, nor require to make the armor adapt to it.

So, is there actually a space form? If yes, does it include some kind of breathing apparatus?