Space Bohrok V2

Here is version 1. Pretty boring 'aint it? Overused black and silver colour scheme with trans blue accents…how boring! And it barely even looks like a Bohrok!

Well here is the revamped version. Despite the fact that the original Bohrok face-plate was what defined the Bohrok, not only is attaching it to the torso impossible, I always thought it lacked insectoid features, even though they were supposed to be biomechanical insects. So with gaping wide jaws, and alien-like beady red eyes, looks like it would fit in more with the Barraki then the Bohrok!

Flashier red, green, and sand green were added to the colour palette to mimic the bright colours of poisonous insects.

Oh, did I mention that this was supposed to be a representation of Lehvak-Kal after his trip from space? :stuck_out_tongue:Heavens knows what he’s been through…


I like how he looks, but it doesn’t scream “Bohrok”.


I know :disappointed:

What can I do to make it more Bohrok-y other than wrapping a Krana on its head with a rubber band? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know, tbh.


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Well you could try to widen its hips maybe that will help give it that Borok-y outline a bit more. In any case giving it that unique ball transformation would help as well, good moc, though I think it could hold its own with a backstory and all as a moc and not a Borok revamp as of now.


Reminds me of a certain Space Police villain…

Looks nice, still doesn’t show off the whole “Bohrok” feel though.


0/10 no ball form

Colors seem a little odd, but it’s a good MOC (albeit maybe not a great representation of a Bohrok).

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Doesn’t really give the whole Bohrok feel, but it’s still a very creative MOC with an awesome head design.


No one will ever be able to recreate a bohrok without using bohrok parts, that’s what history teaches us :stuck_out_tongue:.


I have a few points:

Shorten the limbs, add some length to the torso, change the eye location to the side of the head and make them larger, remove the meteor blaster and make the shields bigger.

looks really cool, but as it stands, I’d say it’s more of a “Space Barahki”. keep up the good work.


The build is nice, the color scheme…not so much.

Looks really good doesn’t exactly remind of a bohrok but I still like it the mouth is pretty cool

“A little tall for a Bohrok.”

“Oh, uniform.”


to be honest, V1 looked more like a bohrok than this.


Kinda Cool!


I love v1, and I think this is a complete and awful departure from it. Sure, more colors is nice, but not when they clash like orange and green. Also, the face was very interesting in v1, it looked like a new take on the bohrak, not some weird alien mess.


i like it but not gonna lie the first one is a lot better at being a bohrok and a cleaner looking moc


i would suggest just make a bohrok but make it space like what i mean is make a bohrok like the original ones then make look space like